Entertainment was provided and singer was fun and brought alot to the experience. Definitely a place to stop and eat! (Huli Huli means "turn, turn".) Nov 20. We thought we had missed out, until we saw a sign that the actual food service was behind. Hard to describe Mike's.... Food truck set in a tropical/tiki garden. Sadly we missed Mike by 5 minutes. Their shrimp plate was better. Mike’s Huli Huli in Kahuku, HI (Hawaii) is a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Restaurant. Definitely a place to stop and eat!More, We were taken here as part of a bus tour of the island, definitely a place to stop and visit!!! Will definitely return. Turns out, the eatery was for sale, and they’ve been doing things Evelyn’s way ever since. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Whole Chicken To Go $13.00 ... Char Siu Chinese BBQ Pork $12.75 . My friend had the noodle dish, primarily...because it was vegetarian, however he reported very few vegetables. Solomon’s Landing, More About: This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. We met Mike the owner who was gracious and welcoming. The rest of our drive, I was burping up the garlic and the gf knew at all times when I burped because of the garlic. Chicken & Kalua Pork $17.50 . The smell and flavor of the kiawe wood reminds me of why I like to come home. There are other food trucks in the same area. Mahalo! Had the coconut shrimp with rice and salad...super super tasty!! Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. It came with rice and your choice of mac or greens. It’s original owner Evelyn’s recipe, and it’s made fresh daily with fresh vegetables, chicken broth, local lobster and chow mein gravy mix. There are other food trucks in the same area.More, I wouldn't call what we did a food tour but we did try out a bunch of different places when we drove around the North Shore.  Pinterest It opens at 11:00 am and serves a number of items including Huli Huli Chicken and the specialty garlic shrimp of the area. Char Siu Pork - sliced pork shoulder marinated in red colored soy-based sauce overnight & roasted in custom-built BBQ rotisserie; served w/ side of hot mustard sauce; looks good. Of course I had the signature 1/4 dark meat chicken plate ($11.50) w/ mac salad. Wont return, try 7 brothers burgers cooked to order and tasty. We regretted that we didn't order some to take to our hotel with us. Each food truck has its own seating, but since it was a little humid and stuffy right there by their truck, the owner told us we could sit anywhere. Secondarily, the mac salad was old skool with carrots & peas. Skewer your chicken and cook until done. We thought it was good because we did not have a comparison. With just eggs, a few sauces and spices, and some bread, the filling for the cakes is super-simple and that’s what keeps everyone coming back — the crab is always the star. The garlic butter oil was less oily, more subtle and tasted better I thought. We The pork was good too. In addition to the traditional toppings, they top the oysters with a tomato and a slice of provolone cheese — a combo the locals have come to expect and love.  Digg And we redeemed a coupon for a free soda pop as well. Staff were friendly but should know better than to serve that type food. Edible food, but I don’t understand why this place is famous. Steak/Teriyaki $12.75 . The rest of our drive, I was burping up the garlic and the gf knew at all times when I burped because of the garlic. Third place on Ross & Heidi's DDD honeymoon tour in Hawaii is Mike's Huli Huli Chicken. Marinated in a mixture of soy, hoisin and oyster sauce as well as brown sugar and some Chinese spices, it gets its signature color from red food coloring added into the marinade. Their menu was very similar to Giovanni's and we ordered the garlic butter shrimp. Serve over brown rice and top with the Huli Huli sauce. Half Chicken To Go $9.00. At Mike's Huli Chicken in Kahuku, we have 40 years of food and beverage industry experience. When the local fishermen come in with their catch at about 5:30 a.m., the chef at this spot is first in line at the auction. Because this restaurant is about 100 yards from the ocean, the seafood is about as fresh as it gets. All rights reserved. The fried clams are a local favorite and for good reason: They’re some of the biggest you can find. I had to drop by. Saw it first on Diners Drive Ins and Dives. Treat yourself to Hawaii's best Huli chicken! Sadly we missed Mike by 5 minutes. We thought the chicken was dry and cold - like it may have sat there for a bit. Everything here is fried, never grilled. they tasted fishy. I like my mac salad like this. Ordered Huli Chicken & Pork as well as Huli Chicken & Shrimp. Sadly, this was our least favorite food joint on this day. We did not include Matsumoto Shave Ice here since that was not real food.More. Great place!!More. More About: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - " Grillin', Chillin' and Huli Huli Chicken ". We enjoyed sitting at a table in the shade listening to a local musician playing while having lunch. The chicken was super moist from brining, and being cooked slowly while turning over an open fire. The chicken was delicious; loved the sauce so much we bought some to take home! Mahalo nui loa for talking with me and the Aloha! Don’t be alarmed: Dolphin is just another name for mahi mahi.  LinkedIn Huli Chicken Stir Fry $13.50 . Evelyn's Drive In. Copyright © 2020 Grid Sixty Software, LLC.

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