0 comment. There are thousands of admirers of this professional fighter and through all of them can easily recognize each Brock Lesnar Tattoo. Back . 0 of 15. 1. Xenomorph on the left bicep. So there you have it, the meaning behind all of Lesnar's tattoos. Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images. Brock Lesnar and the 15 Worst Tattoos in MMA. On a scare meter of 1-10, Brock Lesnar's back tattoo notches a 10 and then some. Chest. The 38-year-old boasts of some rather creative body art, which makes a look at Brock Lesnar’s tattoo collection rather worthwhile. Jim Ross recently recalled how things went down between himself and former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar after The Beast Incarnate decided to tattoo his back without telling anyone at WWE.. As bad as it may seem, WWE does have control over its wrestlers' images and has to sanction any major changes. While it comes off as a bit tyrannical, we can't really fault the company on such … Shoulder blade tattoo of Brock Lesnar. In the ring, he's a colossus, a hulk who throws his opponents around like a rag doll before […] Skull on a right bicep. Kill Em All lower back tattoo. BROCK LESNAR is one of the biggest superstars to ever grace the WWE – both in size and his legendary status. We all know that the sword one is the most iconic, but we cannot ignore the canvas his back has created over time. In fact, it's arguably the most wicked-looking piece of ink in WWE history. The Beast Incarnate is a hugely divisive character, with fans mixed on whether they love or hate the bulking Universal Champion. Brock Lesnar | Tattoo: Demon skull | Location: Back. Lesnar Tattoos Description: Edge Tattoo on the Left arm, X-Pac on the right, Droz Back tattoo, with the front of Tribal 2 OVER top the Droz back tattoo R/ Original Tattoo 3 Referee Shirt 4 8104FCD2 2BB1 8104FCD6 2BAD 8104FCDE 2B59 8104FCE6 2B29 8104E73C 0000 8104E73E 2BE0 8104E740 0000 8104E742 2BE0 8104E74C 0000 Credit: HHR/DDEWF Edge for the pic

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