I'm a full-stack developer, specializing in the PHP, JS, Wordpress, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack & Django. In Mendeleev’s periodic table the elements were arranged according to ascending order of their atomic masses. Chapter 1 Notes | Chemistry 2nd Year “Periodic Classification Of Elements And Periodicity” Although a number of chemists attempted to classify the elements but Dmitri Mendeleev gave the most the most useful and comprehensive classification. To download PDF file of F.Sc. You are looking for 2nd year chemistry complete notes of chapter 1. These notes are very helpful for 12th class students. 2000/- Per Month, University Of Karachi Issued Mark Sheets Of BA Private Part I And II Annual Exam 2019, AIOU Autumn Admissions 2020 Confirmation Process, BISE Sahiwal Inter Part-II (FA/FSc) Special Exams Result 2020, BISE Sargodha Inter Part-II (FA/FSc) Special Exams Result 2020, BISE Multan Inter Part-II Special Exams Result 2020. Normal or typical elements are placed in subgroups A and transition elements ae placed in subgroups B. 2nd year Chemistry Chapter no. For comprehensive notes of Matriculation, Intermediate and ADP/BS Physics, visit. The major concepts of chapter no. These notes are for all Punjab boards and Federal board students. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The electrical conductance of an element depends upon the number of free movable electrons. These notes are very helpful to prepare papers of F.Sc. Highly polar hydrides show hydrogen bonding in them. Halides of group IA are ionic in nature, have three dimensional lattices with high melting boiling points. The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) (officaial wesite www.ncert.nic.in) sets the curriculum for all schools that follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) (officaial wesite cbse.nic.in) across the nation. Metals of sub-groups IA and IIA are called alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals, respectively. The seven horizontal rows of the periodic table are called “periods”. https://taleemcity.com/2nd-year-chemistry-notes-of-all-chapters You can view these class 12 chemistry chapter notes and short questions or easily download second year chemistry notes. I am Mehboob Rashid, founder of "Rashid Notes" and some other websites. Due to similarities in properties it can be placed at the top of group IA or IVA or VIIA. Each group is divided into two subgroups A and B. Metallic oxides are basic in character, nonmetallic oxides are acidic in character and oxides of less electropositive elements like Zn Pb are amphoteric. 1: Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity is given below. Oxides may be divided on the basis of their acidic, basic or amphoteric character. Atomic radii increase from top to bottom in a group and decrease along a period. BISE Hyderabad Intermediate (pre-Medical &…, How to do Exponents in Java – 3 Different Methods, Different Types of Processors And Their Features, KPPSC Latest Driver Jobs 2020 | BPS-06 | How to Apply, Haripur University Non-teaching staff November Jobs 2020, Punjab Government Ba-Himmat Buzurg Programs 2020 | Rs. These notes of chemistry includes mcqs from past papers, mcqs from the chapter … Due to their less reactivity the elements shown in subgroups VIIIA are called noble gases. These notes provided here are free of cost and you can download these notes in PDF format by clicking the link given at the bottom of this page. when for the 2 nd year physics numerical problems chapter 17 , 19 and 21 will come ??? The modern periodic law states “if the elements are arranged in ascending order of their atomic numbers, their chemical properties repeat in a periodic manner”. 10th Class Tests For all Subjects PDF Download, 10th Class Smart Syllabus (2020 – 2021) PDF Download, Smart Syllabus For 9th Class (2020 – 2021) PDF Download, BA and ADA English Part-1 (3rd Year) Guess Paper 2020, 10th Class English Poems, Stanza and Summary Notes, Important English Essays For 12th Class (2nd Year), 9th Class Computer Science New Book Notes in PDF, 12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes Free Download, 2nd Year all Subjects notes in PDF format, Text Books of Matric and Intermediate Classes.

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