?eagerly waiting for your reply …Thanks. Additionally, some of the jelly like mucus also contains a specks of bright red blood and is brown and yellow the rest of the time. I just don’t think I have enough of the symptoms to match up with IBS. I’m just your average 17 year old who wants to feel normal again. I’ve been useing a ummmm toy in muh butt and now there is some slimy brown-ish goo come omg from my butt what is that? Relevance. The infection looks self limiting. It is kind of sticky. I’m pretty fed up with this condition. Continue taking the multivitamin and the probiotic supplement. Last year(12month) i just started 5-7 loose motion with blodd,there was no any pain in rectum,anus or abdominal, i just took a homeopathic medicine and solved problem,i just back with old bowl moments after using medicine,but now after one year i just feel clear mucous discharge little bit like bloddy,jelly,clot type ,with stool or it comes out after strain. There appears to be an inflammation in your lower bowels. Bodily symptoms like pain in lower abdomen or fever may be present. Oh, to be like those who go once in the morning and are done for the day! Signs of vulvovaginitis may include swelling around the vagina, gelatinous discharge, itching inside the vagina, vaginal smell as well as burning while urinating. It’s difficult to diagnose without actual exam. Changing to a healthy diet, as before, is a good idea. And yes, in the wake of that procedure, I have felt better. Could this be hemmoroids or fissure? The bacteria causing you this diarrhea has inflamed the inner lining of your bowels, hence, the mucous discharge. There is a discomfort in movements. Please help me doctor. Frequent belching and bloating. Please be consederd. Most recently I have been having anal leakage while sleeping. Seems to get worse after having a bowel movement. This may solve your problem to a big extent. Anything I put against anus irritates prolapse which does go in and out as it pleases ( walking, bending, sitting, anything, Also don’t know when in or out so it gets wiped and washed in the shower sometimes so does get irritated from that.. Hi im back again doc, The result are still the Same they give me this “Anticholinergic” to stop digesting need to take this 3x a day im still using it now but the longer i take this medicine the effects is disappearing, the one they gave me “Lactulose-Movelax-Lexative”, But nothing happens i can’t survive crowded places, Even tho its not hot it keeps getting SOAKED, Whut should i do now doc? This is normal and essential is such cases. Would you have any idea on when this will stop? Needs to be checked up by a doctor at the earliest for diagnosis. What is going on? 26 female, pain like numbness on lower left side of tummy, after gas, went to the bathroom and had blood on stools & then fluid leaking transparent with red dots! Wish you all the best for your health. I sweat a lot in part of my anus rather in my Underarm, feet, hand. We are sexually active and usually go at it once a day, but this concerns me and I dont know what it is. You need to visit a gastro enterologist for examination. Home made food would be better for you. Frequently, this is also referred as “EWCM” or “egg white cervical mucus.”. It is usually clear slime, sometimes bright pink blood, and occasionally a lot of blood. Help is extremely appreciated. Since I’ve had food poisoning, I’ve experienced leakage from my butt, it’s generally clear but mucousy. Keep good hygiene down there. An anal fistula is a small channel that connects the infected anal gland to an opening on the skin. STDs may also affect this area. Feels like I’m having my period again. I only ever get this if I (try to) quit drinking. I am terribly worried to see a doctor and also to let my people know about it. May be you had some inflammation in your lower bowels in past years, that gradually resolved. Nothing to be concerned, unless you have any gastric problems. Pain when sitting on hard surfaces. Occasional weed puff (for anxiety and stress). It’s important to ascertain from where this pus is coming out. Pay any outstanding bills for your care at Spire Healthcare. The mucus has either no odor at all or a bleach/chemical smell at times. Eat healthy. This is usually mucoid in consistency. Your rectum is last part of your digestive system before your anus, which is the opening at the end the system. Extremely painful. I had a colonoscopy and they didn’t see anything unusual… any thoughts very appreciated.. Thanks. This is true in the early weeks as the mucus plug is still forming. Any history of piles/ hemorrhoids? I am facing a problem past couple of months. Kindly suggest treatment. There may be some localized inflammation there. I can’t ask the doctor because I’m kinda shy with my situation; Why does my Anus get wet even if it’s not hot? Are they lose stools? It may be some food allergy. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without any symptoms only for it to return. Is this normal with a mucosal rectal prolapse? or am i allergic to certain foods please help..what foods should i try eating i am an indian i am 21 years old male..Thankyou.. Likely to be related to habit/ lifestyle. I have a small hemorrhoid. Female,48 dealing with heavy periods lasting two weeks. A lot of factors happened before all this but my anal still hurts along with diarrhea. Can you please help me? Also I feel constant dampness around my anal area. I personally think the skin condition is a secondary issue caused from something internal but what? (Just asking, there’s no pain or itch or redness). Looks like your lower bowels are a bit inflamed. Never. Hello! Hello im 22 years old and a male for about 2 months ive been having what feels like wetness constantly in my anal area and a light bleed from my penis very small amount though but not all the time i do not have constepation or any kind of pain i feel perfectly fine but i always get that wetness feeling its definetly there and clear it doesnt not give off a bad smell and i know its not sweat because i can tell the difference i just want to know how serious this is before i build the nerve to consult a doctor these matters are always so akward.

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