One research source stated that in the painting Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, the Virgin is designed first, as she is in so many of his drawing, and the landscape seems to flow from her. He painted the Christ child as being about a year old. Leonardo gave the child two mothers both graced with the blessed smile of happiness. The picture is thought to have been commissioned by Louis XII of France to celebrate the birth of his only daughter, Claude, in 1499 – Anne was the name of his wife and of the patron saint of infertile and pregnant women. The Virgin Mary is balanced on the lap of her mother, St. Anne, while she is supporting or restraining her son, Jesus of Nazareth, as he grabs a small lamb. The subject, celebrating motherhood and domestic virtue, was especially popular in the home. Great Britain. 1994. Leonardo switched St. John to a lamb in the final painting. Personal use, Search 1,238,232 objects and 860,714 images, We use cookies to enhance your experience on V&A websites. The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne’s reported presence in the Palais Cardinal (the present-day Palais Royal) in 1651 has fuelled the hypothesis that the picture entered the royal collection via Richelieu’s ministrations. The monks who commissioned the painting, an artifact of Christ’s family tree, gave Leonardo a workroom. This movement was decisively echoed and enforced by the parallel diagonals of the Virgin’s right leg and St. Anne’s left leg (Johannes 3). Two Catholic themes are represented in this painting. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Create a free website or blog at Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is a tempera and oil painting by Albrecht Dürer. Second contains the way in which colors vary as they form the eye. The lamb, being embraced by Christ has his head bent, while its tail and hind legs are clearly indicated to be in a comfortable place (Johannes 86). The monks approached Filippo Lippi to complete the work Leonardo had started. Here St Anne is shown standing, wearing a veil and wimple. Her head was carved to accommodate a crown, now lost. Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Some consider the painting to be a treasure of esoteric and occult wonders. St Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, supports the young Mary, who in turn holds the Christ Child. The love and compassion in the women’s eyes and their expressions towards the innocent child reminds me of the love I have for my own children. It is signed and dated 1519 in the centre of the right border, though this may have been added later. Leonardo depicts the women as sister like in age even though they are indeed mother and daughter. 1500-1520. It is unusual for Mary to be portrayed in her mother’s lap. She supports the young Virgin on her right arm, and Mary holds the Christ Child on her knees. Please let us know how you intend to use the images you will be downloading. Private Research Jan van Eyck and workshop The Virgin and Child with St. Barbara, St. Elizabeth, and Jan Vos, ca. In fact in this painting, Leonardo was pursuing a theological meditation on the destiny of Christ, which had begun in his early painting Virgin of the Rocks (Bramly 320). Most research indicates the rocks, mountain streams, and escarpments of his childhood made up his private landscape in his paintings (Bramly 86). Walnut, painted and gilded, with traces of original decoration Journal It portrays the baby Jesus guarded in the arms of the Virgin Mary while she is peacefully sitting on the lap of her mother, St. Anne. There is no Malines mark visible. Many small inexpensive images like this were imported from the Netherlands for use in private devotions. New York. The second theme is the concept of sacrifice and passion, which is represented by the lamb, and the infant Jesus of Nazareth holding it. 34-50. But the picture was never delivered to Louis XII since an observer noted its presence in Leonardo’s workshop in 1517 – the artist was then lodged by François I at Cloux, near Amboise.

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