Uncle Iroh would've liked her, she was old and full of wisdom that she preferred to cloak behind a veil of mystery and mysticism. "About anger getting in the way of the more spiritual side of bending. ", "You're right, I am," Zuko said with a nod. As Sokka points out, many of the predictions Aunt Wu makes are bound to happen logically (e.g., the guy wearing red shoes). He took that action himself. She said he’d be wearing red shoes the day he met the love of his life. Ty for reading. Oddly specific, but it did put my mind at ease. Aang tried to butt in, calmly and politely. I went to see her before I moved here and she assured me that I would not be trampled by zoo animals. "Those will tell us how things are going to turn out.". They didn't even have enough shovels for him. The fortune teller was an old lady, called by the name of Aunt Wu. "Yeah. ", Zuko hummed. Chris, Melodychii, Niluka Satharasinghe, Sackthananban Kounlavong, Tlavoc, Zeroharm, Megrisvernin, Miu, Chris, Raven Uzushi, A Person, Nex19, Paloswag, Cole Deucalion, Jacob A Bridgewater, ladiciusevol, Steelcondor, Anonymous, Perseus Red, Trashmage, Ryan, Axodique, Vladtheinhaler, PostLifeSyndrome, Juane Pendragonand Samuel Reed as well as the Super Patrons Melden V, Anders Kronquist, Ray Tony Song, Volkogluk, Aaron Bjornson, iolande, Martin Auguado, Julio, Hackerham, Tim Collins-Squire, Maben00, Ventari, PbookR, ChristobalAlvarez, Apperatus, EPiCJB19, Seeking Raven, Handwran, Russel Beatrous andRichard Whereat. Aang asked curiously. It seems like a selfless thing to do, but it seems as if that's her only job. Which probably isn’t that far (unless you’re an air bender) but still. Words cannot describe my gratitude toward you and my love to you. "No, I'm not going to show you how to make sparks by snapping your fingers," Zuko droned with a thoroughly bored look at his bald pupil. "Because a spiritually aware fire nation isn't a fire nation that would fight a war against the whole world," Zuko replied. "I have no idea," Zuko answered, still grinning. He didn't know if that was actually true, but what he did know was that he couldn't do it. "Well, the first path you are already on, because it's crack starts before the other. Aang said, jumping away. ", Zuko blinked, taken aback. "Which adds yet another reason to see Sozin's war burn.". By the time he had found out about the disaster, Aang and Katara had formulated a plan to use the clouds to fool Aunt Wu. Sokka asked. For the Earth Kingdom monarch, see Wu. "Huh. "Just let your mind empty. "A crown is not a trunk," Aunt Wu replied, waving that off without so much as a pause for consideration. Zuko wasn't entirely sure that a tribal girl whose main worries were taking care of her village would do well permanently adopting the nomadic lifestyle of the Avatar. Sokka unhappily compiled, getting up and following Aunt Wu. Author's Note: So, I demonitized. "Young man, fate is what we make of it. Well, it was implied that she merely sees possible futures. You just need to take charge of how you grow.". "Let's go, get our future read and see if any of her predictions come true! How to handle this diplomatically? With a breath, the room was plunged into darkness. But until then, I want to handle it myself. Aang blinked and took a deep breath. Aang began. But...I fell below the bar, and didn't deserve the support. "I don't want to talk about it.". While Sokka firmly believes she's a fraud, most of her predictions Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sokka asked with a smirk. But I...do not want help. Seriously though, 99% of her predictions come true. Aang asked. The group was gathered over Aang's map, with Zuko's additions added in charcoal marks. Katara, meanwhile, becomes addicted to the seer’s man… "Sokka, is there a reason a fortune teller makes you this upset?" He couldn't bend the lava away. "Can I talk to you for a second?". It is the long term consequences of our actions and behavior over a long period of time. Including bending.". The group manages to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts. "C'mon, Moon! "If you're letting yourself get frustrated and angry, then it becomes really hard to get in tune with the spiritual aspect of bending. With a breath, it grew brighter and taller. Fate can be changed. That made a strange amount of sense, but it didn't change anything. "Everything can be explained through rational and intelligent observation," Sokka argued. Sokka lost it, braying like a mule and clutching his stomach. The water emerged from the stream and once again, slapped her across the face. "You're not looking," Aang repeated, relief washing the worry off of his face like a tsunami. Since then, he's never believed a word about spirit stuff. Zuko accidentally swallowed the smoke he had been exhaling and dissolved into a coughing fit, but recovered fairly quickly. ", "No! "Katara. Feel the air around you. So let's go back down to the river and meditate. Today I witnessed a scene that restored all my faith that there is good in this world. If I want help, I'll tell you, alright? "It's not working, I'm not getting anything.". I want to take the time to thank everyone who ever supported me in writing, it means the world to me. The following is a fanbased work of fiction. "A person may grow, their old wounds may heal and they might transcend their weaknesses, but their fundamental character remains the same. "I was just curious because she talks about you a lot. He could guess what those paths were. But she doesn't predict entire destinies. Zuko blinked in annoyance, but figured it was useless to try to talk to her right now. "Are you...do you have a girlfriend?" "No reason. A parasite. "It's only a station. And I'm not looking, anyway.". Sokka is skeptical and tries to disprove all the predictions. ", "So if someone changes, they didn't really change," Zuko said, reflectively staring into the fire. "What if the trunk is the thing I don't want to grow?"

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