Standards are set by every company to define what is accepted as ‘Right’ and each employee is expected to abide by these standards. Nevertheless business ethics continues to a debatable topic. Globally also many corporations have bred philanthropists who have contributed compassion, love for poor and unprivileged. Link: Unit 1 Notes . Usually, the BBA Program includes lectures, projects, examinations, practical sessions, viva, and assignments. Moreover, definition varies for different people and different organizations. I introduce moral philosophy, meta-ethics, moral theories, and apply philosophical thought to many moral issues concerning business ethics. -is a set of moral values or applied ethics that’s drives the operation of business. Introduction 2. Business Ethics. Expectations Higher Educational Institutions Institutes of higher education are expected to provide knowledge, know-how, wisdom and character to the students enabling them to understand what they learn in relation to what they already know, create ability to generalise from their experiences, take them beyond merely understanding and enabling them to put their knowledge to work, … Values & Ethics in Business In general, Business ethics:-- Success Failure and Principles of Competitive Success, Vedas, Vedanta, Upanishads, Brahmsutras & Gita, 5 Reasons Why Gavaskar Remains The greatest Indian Test Batsman Ever, Customer Code: Creating a Company Customers Love, No public clipboards found for this slide. Business ethics apply to moral rights and wrongs, as they apply to business institutions and organizations. Corporate Social Responsibility: Nature, scope & Importance; Corporate Governance: Concept, Importance for Industry; Ethical Issues related with Advertisements, Finance, Investment, Technology; Secular versus Spiritual Values in Management; … Origin of Business Ethics. The Importance Of Values And Ethics In Business Management. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Ethical Values and Business Sustainability……………………………………………………………3 Class 11 & 12 - Science, Commerce, Arts - Notes, eBooks, Engineering - CSE/IT, ECE, EE, ME, CE, ICE, IP etc. MBA - CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT, IIFT. The attached ebook/notes for Business ethics contain the following topics: Chapter 1: Perspective on Business Ethics and Values Chapter 2: Ethical Theories and How to Use It Chapter 3: Personal Values in Work Place Chapter 4: Values and Heuristics Chapter 5: Individual Responses to Ethical Situations It is critical for an organization to have core set of values and principles to establish its identity. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. BBA Business Ethics Study Material Notes Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers for BBA 1st Year 1st Semester i.e. Delhi Metropolitan Education Government Recruitment - Bank PO, Clerk, RRB, SSC CGL, SSC CPO, ISRO, etc. So that, directors code of ethics take center stage as a major concern of the modern era as most of the business are dealing with an international business. Values and Business ethics help in satisfying the consumers and customers and employees in maintaining sustainable business in this globalized world. Please sign in or register to post comments. In India Maruti Suzuki, for example, owned the responsibility of maintain a large number of parks and ensuring greenery. Business Management and Statics (THINK-TANK), Communication for Management (THINK-TANK), Cost Accountion for Management(THINK-TANK), Research Methods in Management(THINK-TANK), Operation & Supply Management(THINK-TANK), New Enterprise and Innovation Management(THINK-TANK), Business Ethics and Corporate Governance(THINK-TANK), Business Policy & Strategic Mgmt. Many authors in business industry have provided different definitions for business ethics. Values & Ethics in Business Unit 1-a Delhi Metropolitan Education BBA 205 Semester III August 2019 Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Bisht 1 2. Apart from this it also applies to individuals who work in organisations, their conduct and to the organisations as a whole. Business ethics is a matter of the good guys preaching to the bad guys 24. Moreover, definition varies for different people and different organizations. Most people are encouraged by ethics to normally, Ethical issues in organizations are inevitable and are always on the horizon. Professional Ethics and Human Values Notes pdf – PEHV pdf notes – PEHV notes pdf file to download are listed below please check it – Complete Notes. Ethics is said to the source of morals. Ethics is also known as moral philosophy. Sherwin (1983) indicates the that the term ethics, “refers to a, corporate ethical values, employee commitment, and performance. Learn more. ABOUT US In order to be prepared for the ethical issues that will arise and to create an organizational competitive advantage, an intentional focus and effective communication of the code of ethics must be incorporated as a part of strategic planning. Copyright © 2020 Free Study Notes for MBA MCA BBA BCA BA BSc BCOM MCOM MSc, All Rights Reserved. Partial notes on BBA 205 course for students of IP University (Delhi) and anyone who wants a beginner's level knowledge. CONTACT US Download More! Ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include fairness, diversity, dignity, honesty, equality, diversity and individual rights(Business Dictionary). (THINK-TANK), Human Resources Planning and Development(THINK-TANK), ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (THINK-TANK), C++ AND ALGORITHM AND DATA STRUCTURE (THINK-TANK), COMPUTER ORIENTED NUMERICAL AND METHODS (THINK-TANK), DATA COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTER NETWORKS (THINK-TANK), Web Technologies and Development(THINK-TANK), Net Frame work and Programming in ASP.Net(THINK-TANK), Object Oriented Software Engineering(THINK-TANK), Analysis and Design of Algorithims(THINK-TANK), ALGORITHM AND APPLICATION PROGRAMMING (THINK-TANK), FUNDAMENTAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (THINK-TANK), MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (THINK-TANK), ADVANCED INTERNET APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (THINK-TANK), MAN AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT-II (THINK-TANK), COMPANY LAW AND SECRETARIAL PRACTICE (THINK-TANK), ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT IN INDIA (THINK-TANK), ELEMENTS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (THINK-TANK), SALES AND PROMOTION MANAGEMENT (THINK-TANK), Principals of Programming Language(THINK-TANK), Object oriented Programming Concepts(THINK-TANK), PRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT (THINK-TANK), MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM(BBA THINK-TANK), COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING(BBA THINK-TANK), ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR (BBA THINK-TANK), Biostatistics & Computer Application(THINK-TANK), Bioresource & Waste Management(THINK-TANK), Behavioral Science & Basic Communication Skills(THINK-TANK), Production of recombinants Molecular (THINK-TANK), Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing(THINK-TANK), Nutrition & Biochemistry (Think Tank Bsc), Medical Surgical Nursing-I((Think Tank Bsc), Community Health Nursing-I (Think Tank Bsc), Medical Surgical Nursing-II(Think Tank Bsc), Nursing Research and Statistics(Think Tank BSc), Management of Nursing Services and Education(Think Tank BSc), MOTIVATIONAL AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT VIDEOS, ENTERPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, ENTERPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BBA, BIOANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES & INSTRUMENTATION, BUSINESS ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, PSYCHO-SOCIAL BASIS OF LEARNING AND TEACHING, EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM & SCHOOL MANAGEMENT IN INDIA, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND CLASSROOM COMMUNICATION, METHODOLOGY OF TEACHING BOOK KEEPING AND ACCOUNTANCY, METHODOLOGY OF TEACHING OF COMPUTER LITERACY AND EDUCATIONAL APPLICATION, METHODOLOGY OF TEACHING OF GENERAL SCIENCE, Accountancy & Business Statistics I Year (Video), Accountancy & Business Statistics II Year (Video), Eco.

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