Both tenderloin and filet mignon get confused as both cuts from the same side of the beef’s muscle. This holds true for tenderloin and filet mignon. When you're ready to grill, heat your barbecue to 500+ degrees and sear the meat for about three minutes per side. We love enjoying filet mignon with garlic herb butter drizzled on top or served on the side for dipping. Grill both beef tenderloin and filet mignon at a high heat and serve at medium or rare. The tenderloin and the filet mignon are great cuts of meat to use in dishes needing flavoring as the steaks are tender, but rather tasteless. It is costly but less costly than the filet mignon. Let rest for ten minutes, slice and serve. • Categorized under Food | Difference between Tenderloin and Filet Mignon. Both beef tenderloin and filet mignon are expensive cuts of meat. Hanger steak. As there is a lot of confusion between tenderloin and filet mignon, what is there a difference? That’s right – the tenderloin is an actual part of meat on a cow that sits right below the sirloin. You can evenly slice the filet mignon into thick steaks that look like medallions. Here’s everything you need to know about the ridiculously tender steak known as filet mignon: Ask any steak enthusiast what the most prized cut of steak is, and you will probably hear “filet mignon.” The tender, thick cut is a rarity on a cow, which is one of the reasons it’s so coveted. Tenderloin goes well with different sauces and dressings. This area of the tenderloin gets so little movement by the cow that helps it become the most delicate piece of steak cut from the animal. Is one more expensive than the other? It goes well with different dressings and sauces and is one of the more expensive cuts of meat. It is located in the Loin Beef Primal, between the Ribs Primal and Round Primal. However, an untrimmed tenderloin will include parts of the short loin, too, which tends to have a richer flavor than the tenderloin. Hanger steak isn't the most popular cut of beef out there. Filet mignon is such a wonderful cut of beef that the simpler preparations are the best. Filet mignon, which means "dainty filet" in French is the most tender cut of beef and is also arguably the most desirable and therefore the most expensive. And, aged beef gets more tender as it ages, which is exactly what you want for steak. Lovely detail though! Cite Well, let me tell you they both look like they are similar, but they are very much different from each other. The French terms for these cuts are tournedos for the smaller central portion, and châteaubriand for the larger, most tender central portion. Here's the recipe we used. While the outside is searing, take your digital remote meat thermometer and set it to 120 degrees. How to Make a Cheap Steak Taste Like a Million Bucks, Grilling Steak Tips: Helpful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid, Grilled Salmon Steak: How to Cook It to Perfection Every Time. I personally get a lot of joy out of purchasing meat from a butcher. Question: Is it wise to buy a tenderloin now and freeze it for three weeks to make Beef Wellington? I use a serrated electric carving knife. Wet-aged Vs Dry-Aged Beef: What’s the Difference. You can also try ribeye, which is a pricier cut, but still falls below the tenderloin and filet mignon. So take some time to browse around and enjoy yourself. The steak isn’t quite as beefy flavored as other steaks, which is why it’s usually served in more elevated dishes that use au jus, gravy, herb butter, or other ingredients that bring out its flavor. Tenderloin is the lean cut of the meat with no bone. I once asked my sister-in-law to pick up a beef tenderloin from Costco, and she came home with pork loin!

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