All I could taste was shortening. But in the place I live, whipping cream and cream cheese are a little hard to find so can you suggest some replacement please? This is a riff on a buttercream I make pretty frequently and the milk really helps the texture. ?” It’s almost like people think smooth buttercream is some kind of secret. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Turn the spatula right side up, and look at the frosting on the tip of the spatula. straight up riddled with air bubbles once it’s thawed. the stir option. This is the same kind of buttercream frosting that you'll find on many professional wedding cakes. Allow the melted chocolate to cool for 10 minutes before adding to the whipped butter and sugar. Add the remaining icing sugar and one tablespoon of the milk and vanilla extract and beat the mixture until creamy and smooth. If your icing sugar is a bit old and pebbly, sieve the icing sugar to eliminate any clumps as these will not dissolve in the butter icing. I didn't like the yellow color this icing ends up with, as it fights taking on any colors. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great having a go-to frosting recipe that tastes great and that you’re comfortable working with. I aggressively grip a rubber Love this! @bakingyoutreats, Whats about the microwave tipp? a whisk attachment, like American buttercream. Frosting a cake now feels simpler and almost therapeutic. Don’t be afraid to let your frosting turns out. perfectly smooth now, but sadly it won’t stay that way forever. 250g/8.83ozs. I stir it for a few minutes by hand before taking my cake out of the freezer, and don’t stop until it’s nice and smooth again. If I want to make a 3 layer 6 inch cake vanilla cake with oreo frosting, how much buttercream do I need to make? Why is Smooth Buttercream Important? This is the first time I've made frosting and I think I did pretty well. It may be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a week. That little curl is a great visual I never really thought of them as unique or different until I started showing exactly how I make my frosting in private cake lessons. Use this simple buttercream icing recipe to decorate your birthday cakes, cupcakes and sandwich biscuits. Fill a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe onto cupcakes or smear in the middle and over the top … Some types of frosting don’t require Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. buttercream (thanks Eva for testing!). final step makes it silky smooth. I did end up adding a little more milk than called for and I also added almond extract because I love it. There’s no point in making super smooth buttercream only to let your frosting get air bubbles as you add your second layer of frosting. but if your frosting isn’t the right consistency in the first place, you will still If I want to make a vanilla cake with Oreo frosting, how much buttercream do I need to make? That’s when the smoothness of your frosting matters the most!! There are a few things I do that makes my frosting super smooth. And it has nothing to do with your cake decorating abilities!! Thanks for sharing. I always have to do this after I crumb coat and chill my cake. Great texture and I really like the flavor. I would omit the salt. I have heard we can put the frosting for few second in the microwave then stir with spatula? This helps push excess air Thank you for so openly sharing!! View all posts by Chelsweets. This flavorful icing is ideal for decorating. There aren't too many buttercream frostings I like well enough to eat directly from the decorating bag (once finished with it of course) like this one! I never mix on a speed higher than the lowest setting. If it’s too thin and doesn’t Your hints are amazing! For the chocolate variation, omit the milk from the basic recipe. will slowly develop air bubbles. so excited! process. Thank you! I use them whenever I make buttercream! I’m always tired by the end! Makes enough icing to fill 1 medium cake, 6 cupcakes or 12 fairy cakes. Once I figured out how to make my frosting really smooth, I had a much easier time frosting my cakes with smooth sides. i always did wrong using wisk so much for Swissmeringue, What make of butter should I use . No need to change a thing creamy and Delicious! Beat sugar, one cup at a time, into butter mixture on medium speed. Best of luck hope this helps. This final tip I think is the I added about 2 more tsp of van and let it sit at room temp for awhile and then mixed it again and it tasted better. Have you ever made a I am going to use your oreo buttercream recipe as well. cue to know that your frosting is just right. By that point in the process, my frosting usually has been sitting out for at least 30 minutes. It also lowers the chance of you covering your entire kitchen with powdered sugar clouds. I could really taste the shortening at first. If it’s too stiff and sticks Then, and ONLY then, is your frosting smooth and ready to be added to your cake. I found this recipe and made it exactly as written. Learn more about Chelsweets Privacy Policy. Good luck! Read about our approach to external linking. Amazon has a site to buy groceries. So typically when I make wedding cakes, they’re chilled until about a half hour til we serve them and they remain perfect and they don’t settle or bulge at all.This weekend I have a bride who wants a semi-naked cake but she expects it to be sitting out for roughly five hours. This allows you to finish combining your ingredients without incorporating tons of air, which reduces the amount of air bubbles in your frosting. I love everyone one of your recipes and the way you teach how to make them! Beat in the remaining milk, if necessary, to loosen the mixture. a stand mixer can’t replicate. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. You saved Smooth Buttercream Frosting to your. Beat until well combined. I used this for a red velvet cake and took it to my son's for a cookout. Did I mention that it tastes like shortening?! For the orange buttercream variation, omit the milk and vanilla from the basic recipe. Tasted like betty crocker! When I make my American buttercream, This is your standard buttercream recipe! spatula. Step by step . it to your cake? Where they do vary is in the amounts of the ingredients, less or more fat, less or more powdered sugar, and so on. Cream the butter and sugar, as above, also adding the cocoa powder. Everything I’ve ready says don’t chill it at all at any step so it won’t settle at room temperature. My buttercream tastes like butter , it must be the butter I’m using . This recipe was simple and easy and oh so delicious. What do you suggest I do? It also is necessary to use a whisk attachment to make certain types of frosting like Swiss meringue, Russian buttercream, or Italian meringue. Your frosting might be Just give your frosting another good stir by hand with your rubber out of the frosting, which makes it nice and smooth. I am going to use your oreo buttercrema recipe as well. Please help . Everyone has their favorite ratio—mine is 2 sticks of butter to 4 or 5 cups of powdered sugar. For me, I use my American buttercream recipe as a base about 90% of the time. so excited! I push the frosting back and forth and spread it along the sides of the bowl for a couple minutes. Add half of the icing sugar and beat until smooth. I find my frosting is the smoothest Now I know you’re thinking, but I just had my mixer beat my frosting on low for a long time!! If you try out these tips to make smooth buttercream frosting, I’d love to hear how they work for you! other types of frosting, you can still utilize this tip at the end of the and Russian buttercream, and I do it with every batch of frosting I make. I actually have a whole separate post about making your frosting the perfect consistency. I usually go to town stirring Even if you have to use a But when combined, they allow you to make incredibly smooth buttercream frosting. This test works best with American The two tips above are great, @chelsweets and use the #chelsweets so I can see your creations ? It seems like it shouldn’t be Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. That's when I added more vanilla lemon and even a vanilla bean to mask the shortening taste. This test confirms that your frosting is stiff enough to hold its shape, but thin enough for you to easily frost your cake. Recipe by Jessica Pedemont. whisk attachment at the start of a frosting, you can switch to a paddle attachment

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