The total shipping & handling fee to Canada is $27.99. We do not override the USDA on entry requirements from Mexico and we do not take action until we intercept a pest of concern. Art. How do I know what is required for these products and how should I make sure what I’m purchasing is legal? at 144-45. By far the best way to ship to Alaska is by choosing one of our Priority Mail Upgrade Packages or one of our packages that weigh less than 15 pounds. See the PSD Certification Page for information on renewing or applying for an Ozonium Root Rot Certification. The Arizona Department of Health Services is the agency responsible for regulating the production and distribution of marijuana for medical use. EACH PIECE OF FRUIT IS SHIPPED WITHIN DAYS OF BEING PICKED OFF OF THE TREEE. If you or someone in your company has found a pest or are seeing symptoms of a disease that you are concerned about, contact the Plant Services Division Office nearest you for assistance and/or more information. For express deliveries, we offer 2 to 3 day service through the USPS. If live scale is intercepted at markets in Arizona, inspectors will take action. You should also ask the originating packer or broker where you purchase your fruit if the products meet Arizona’s entry requirements. Can I sell nursery stock at a farmer’s market or swap meet? For more information please contact your local PSD Office. Due to the regulatory restrictions, we ship less frequently to these Special Points. These fruit crops have produced award winning Organic AZ Citrus for nearly a Century. WELCOME TO INDIAN RIVER FRUIT COMPANY! If you have questions you can call 602-542-0992 or email [email protected]. We can even mix and match. What laws and rules govern the Plant Services Division? Please call 602-542-1025 or visit for more information. Who do I contact regarding the Cotton Plowdown Program? Shipping Mesa, AZ Citrus. Your gift may not be packed as shown. This type of fruit is not offered by other citrus growing regions. Tempe, AZ 85281. For more information visit: Don't Move Fire Wood. Buy citrus gifts from our online store and see why our customers love the freshly picked Arizona citrus from Arizona Orange Company! at According to your opinion request, although the Department did not intend to inspect citrus for compliance with Arizona’s standards before the citrus entered the State for packing, it planned to do so when the citrus was packed. mixed Arizona citrus crate contains approximately 1 dozen fresh-picked fruit. Depending on the origin state and the variety of plants, there are different requirements and some varieties of plants are prohibited. Refer to the Native Plant section for more information. By far the best way to ship … Does citrus from Mexico, crossing thru a port of entry, need to be fumigated? GOT Citrus? I found a suspicious looking bug on my plants that I have never seen before, who can I call to come look at it? (2) First, a state scheme is per se invalid under the Commerce Clause if it directly regulates or discriminates against interstate commerce or has the effect of favoring in-state economic interests over out-of-state ones. You can contact your local PSD Office to request an application for a state phytosanitary certificate or a certificate of origin. You can request expedited delivery of an order online by sending an email message to us at We ship to all valid US addresses in the lower 48 states including US PO Boxes. If a Customer is dissatisfied with a box of fruit delivered from our farm, we will buy it back. It therefore concluded that the restriction the order placed upon the grower’s allocation of its interstate resources outweighed the local benefit of advancing the reputation of Arizona’s growers by requiring that Arizona-grown cantaloupes be packed in Arizona. The State’s standardization and inspection processes are integrated into the packing process.

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