Scientific name is a term that we have found in our science text books.’ Then, they jointly say – ‘Yes, we now know that plants are important for us. You will have quick and easy access to medicinal plants when you need them. “ Now, we know that these plants are important as medicines” –  says a smiling girl student of class eight in Himali Sri Panchami School, Bhutankhuti. School is now known as Himalee Sri Panchami school following official amalgamation and it caters to the need of the children of the locality. It’s fun to mix them up. It may be mentioned that the Himalee High School, which have recently been amalgamated with the ME section i.e Sri Panchami M.E. Likewise, it helps to prevent aggressive medicinal plant such as mint Awareness classes, seminars and workshops will be conducted for students and teachers regarding identification of medicinal plant its conservation cultivation and promotion. If you prefer, there are many creative ways to make a raised bed garden from stone or other natural materials. to get overwhelmed with too much time and money required at the very start. number of advantages. Hi Renee, You can find information about the course here. Kudos to team Aaranyak for such sincere initiatives, which have been successful in bringing positive changes among the young minds of these crucial areas. Similar gardens have been established in two other schools – Subankhata High School, Subankhata and Himgiri Bodo Medium High School, Rabanguri. While saying so, her eyes twinkles like a star. A few saplings have died due to some problems, but we are taking care of the garden regularly. This is a wonderful option for seniors to be able to participate in growing plants. The all-age school has been called the “most environmentally aware” in Jamaica. This helps to best maintain different parts of the garden. garden plot. These gardens can be designed and organized based on theme. garden, planting in the yard can be extremely rewarding. Students, hailing from local villages talked about medicinal properties of many of the herbs available in the garden during our interaction with them. An herbal garden deepens the connection to your own health as well as to the healing plants. While elders often refuse to adopt the same, influencing the minds of the children in the right way can bring about a positive change in people’s attitude towards forest, environment and biodiversity. All rights reserved. One of the best advantages Manoshi Goswami writes about herbal gardens near Manas National Park that may help children become environmentally sensitive. Discover the many herbal garden ideas for medicinal plants. It’s a great way to teach others as well. ‘Introduction of the herbal garden has been helpful in making them aware about the importance of different plants. garden. What ever you choose, your garden should reflect your personality. There are so many wonderful and beneficial plants to grow. Growing your own herbal medicine has so many benefits. Also, as a part of the program Chethana will make continues verification in schools and also start the ‘Herbal Name slip Promotion’ to create awareness generation among school children and teachers. There are several medicinal plants that benefit wildlife as well. For a more permanent herbal If you would like to learn more Then, one of her classmates, sitting in the front row adds – ‘We have come to know their scientific names also. Chethana started the School Herbal Garden project in 2014 and through the project Chethana has implemented School herbal garden in 85 schools in Alappuzha District. Discover the many herbal garden ideas for medicinal plants. plant. Feel She can be reached at, The Thumb Print – A magazine from the East, Environment education should be the core of school curriculum: Wildlife filmmaker Rita Banerji, Rana Safvi awarded the 6th Yamin Hazarika Woman of Substance Award. 25+ Happy Herb Garden Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors to Put a Smile on Your Face! The old knot gardens from the Middle Ages would be just one example. Subankhata locality suffers from perennial water stress due to its geology and geography; but continuous effort from the students and the school authority to keep the plants alive can be seen in the garden. Chethana © Copyright 2019. These are often more meadowlike or similar to the old cottage gardens. (Manoshi Goswami is communication officer under MTCP, Aaranyak. Be sure not In the meantime, I am creating two gardens – one in a 4×4 raised bed for annuals and smaller herbs, and the second in a 10×30 open area for the more invasive plants. Either a new medicinal Some people prefer a more formal, symmetrical garden with straight lines and geometry. Feel free to intermingle based on the best growing conditions for each You can put them on stands, crates and shelves at different heights to add interest. Be sure to select south or west facing windows for the optimal growing conditions. We have completed the 1 st phase of Home Herbal Garden in Alappuzha District and we are in the verge of completing the sanctioned School Herbal Garden Project in 50 schools of Alappuzha district. Container gardens can also be put into window boxes or hanging baskets. The materials for raised bed gardens can be purchased from nurseries or home garden centers that are already made with simple assembly. Manoshi Goswami writes about herbal gardens near Manas National Park that may help children become environmentally sensitive “ Now, we know that these plants are important as medicines” – says a smiling girl student of class eight in Himali Sri Panchami School, Bhutankhuti.While saying so, her eyes twinkles like a star. garden can be created from scratch, or herbs can be introduced into an existing Growing your own herbal medicine has so many benefits. All rights reserved. This is a campaign designed to preserve the environment. Hold on to your magic carpets, for a thrilling adventure. First of all they are good where soil may have seen years about herbal medicine, check out the Home Herb School at Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), This is a great way to get to know the plants and their uses. An advantage of container gardening is that the pots can be moved around as the season progresses and moved indoors at the end of the season. I have seen the most beautiful herbal garden ideas for medicinal plants designed around each herbs primary medicinal use. It also gives you the finest quality herbs. in the process.” – says Dr. Sudip Kanta Basistha, Deputy Project Manager of Manas Tiger Conservation Programme. The school, situated in one of the remotest part of the district falls within 5 km of the southern boundary of Manas National Park and thus has been selected for propagating the messages of conservation through various means. Influence of the activity is highly perceivable in the Himgiri Bodo Medium High School, which has taken their own initiative to start two similar gardens in the school campus, where they have planted ornamental as well as vegetable plants too. I’m looking forward to your classes! These plants were planted in the school by Aaranyak in 5th June, 2017 to mark the celebration of World Environment Day. Raised beds can also be designed to be waist high for those that have a hard time bending or other physical impairment. School gardens across the world. In continuation of these we conduct awareness programme for teachers and students. It is worth mentioning that, under MTCP, Aaranyak has been actively working towards improvement of protection, conservation and community wellbeing in Manas National Park and its fringe areas and has collaborated with the Forest Department BTC, Wildlife Conservation Trust, Panthera and Awely for the same. Container gardening is the most convenient way to grow medicinal plants. I’m make arrangements to have my garden and I’m in love for your guidance. free to leave any comments or questions below. This is a way to give back and help support the surrounding ecosystem. fruits. Including the recently completed 2018 25 schools allotted by NMPB in 2017-18. “We tried to give a positive conservation message through this approach of School Herbal Garden and for that we have involved all important stakeholders like School Managing Committee, Village Head, Youth Leaders, Defence Personnel, etc. As part of these programmes, we have initiated to create awareness for the stakeholders in conservation, cultivation, prevention of medicinal plants (Teachers, Students, Interested Parents.) Copyright © 2020 Home Herb School. This helps to keep those aggressive plants contained, preventing them from taking over the entire garden. The school also takes pledges for conserving Manas during its morning assembly, which have been a unique initiative implemented by Aaranyak to communicate the message of conservation to the masses.

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