A smaller nozzle will release a thin stream of particles, while a bigger nozzle will release an enormous cloud of particles. Yet, there is no compromise when it comes to quality. Firstly, this giant product comes with everything you need to start. They can charge any chemistry of particles. The gun's kV output represents its voltage output. If you can find one built before 2013, then that would be a good choice. However, coating large parts involves expensive power supplies and expensive chemicals. I would recommend doing some practice runs. I use your guide to have better ground. If you come across anyone who gets these "shocks", please teach them that the gun needs to be grounded using the croc clip and they themselves need to be grounded equally well (ideally without any footwear or with leather-soled footwear).". That works fine.This is disturbing. Full voltage adjustment up to 50 kV at the back of the hopper. Brush blasting is the process of blasting low air pressure(30-40psi), a greater distance from gun-to-part and at an angle of 45 degrees instead of dead on. I talked to them about purchasing it but decided not to.You can zinc plate at home using plating kits from Caswell Plating or Eastwood. Each coating is capable of protecting the part corrosion on its own, but when you double up on it, the part is very protected. Mophorn is a market leader in the production of industrial tools and machines. This electrostatic machine is one of their top products. Any ideas?Thanks,Wayne, Sean, How would you go about coating a ball-joint? Air regulators, fluidization hoppers, and vibration stands are add-ons that can improve your coating experience, don't you think so? Hello there, You’ve done an excellent job. It is impossible to say that about powder coatings. But that is just because I am a little OCD about the restoration. Again, you are not only going to paint flat surfaces. Hello! Powder coatings do not have any hazardous wastes to dispose of, making them less harmful. In addition to the voltage regulation knob, the equipment has an air supply regulation knob. Filter- Redline Does Not, Comparing KCI & IntelliCoat? As we already said, Kingkun is revolutionizing the industry. Handy user manual makes instructions available all through. 100% Brand New Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System. Thanks for sharing this powder coating guns review. If these features attract your attention, then this is a machine worthy to get your hands on. You can't ignore the device because of its functional features. If it sticks to the part it’s enough. Yes I have seen those 3D printed cups before over on cnczone. Yes, you do. Small shop owners will also find it ideal for small or mid-size powder hopping assignments. The PC03-5 model is easy to use. I will also send them an email as I have been recommending them for a couple of years now. We hope that by now, you have a model in mind. This is the perfect system for the Do It Yourselfer or a small job shop that is looking for a powder coating gun that can grow as you grow! Long story but in short, I have a grounding rod and a original Eastwood gun (15kv). Not so many powder coating systems with an adjustable voltage ranging from 0-100 kV cost as low as the Kool Koat product. If your getting started powder coating on a more frequent basis, looking to upgrade from a bargain basement powder coating gun, or looking for a great powder coating gun for smaller product runs the Redline EZ 50 may be perfect. It can effectively coat glass, wood, and metal surfaces. The opposite is valid for a lower adjustment. If you ever chip the powder coat, the zinc plating will continue to protect the part where the chip is. HiFYI:The link above for the Timer is pointing to the IR Thermomiter instead. Otherwise, the Hypersmooth guns are very good for the price. This equipment is lightweight and portable. If you have a multimeter, make sure you have continuity between the grounding rod and the part. It is larger in every dimension. It has a combination of 2 nozzles and 2 tips for increased versatility. Thanks, Phil. I had also been hoping for a review. Ultimately the unit works great and can deliver repeatable powder coating effectively making it a good option for the price. The dual voltage gun would not help you in this case, lower kv's are better for multiple coats. However, once the powder is on the part and in the oven, the kv's matter very little. Without using heat, liquid coatings require several hours to dry. 100 kV is an industrial level voltage. If I had access to a 3D printer, I would definitely print a couple of those things for myself. The tool is an industrial-grade equipment but also fits perfectly as a home powder coating kit. and Takes 2 Hands to Operate. Best practices would also include a pretreatment, I have personally not used zinc phophates because I couldn't get my hands on it but I do know that many local companies will do the process for you and it isn't as expensive as actual plating. The feature allows you to set the kV output to a convenient requirement. Didn't come on . (91) - 22-66466936, Website Designed, Maintained & SEO (Promotion) By Thanks. Great info, nice site. Take a keener look at the Hyper Smooth LED system. The versatile, durable, and effective Powder Coating System is an equipment that will appeal to you. Excessive powder buildup on the PTFE tube walls leading to reduced charge potential. 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