We are moving our meat hogs every three days and re-seeding the pasture and we spend very little time inside. All-Natural, Pastured, Purebred Berkshire Hogs ***Check us out on Facebook!***. The price is based on the hanging weight of the pig, not live weight. Zesty Italian Links - Pork. When ordering you can easily package the meat to accommodate the size of your family. If a half/whole pig is a little more than you need, we also offer individual cuts. and/or in hoop houses in a deep bedding during the winter months. We pride ourselves in producing both happy pigs and quality flavorful meat. 12 lb. 1 lb. The organic pasture-raised pork that Pastured Meat CSA Farm near Portland, OR. Click on the following to view the nutritional information for pork. Pigs are a recent addition to the farm. As a member of our CSA, you'll receive an assortment of frozen meat delivered to your home, either each month or every other month, depending on how much meat you want. Please send us an email or shoot us a text to get your name on the list! Sale. - Home Delivery is included in the price; we deliver throughout Portland Metro and south to Salem. LambChopsSteaksRoastsShanksGround LambStew, PorkSmoked BaconBreakfast SausageFrench Garlic SausageBratwurstItalian SausageChopsShoulder SteaksSpare RibsPork BellyShoulder RoastLeg RoastGround PorkSmoked Ham Hocks, BeefRib SteakT-Bone SteakTop SirloinSkirt SteakFlank SteakHanger SteakBavetteLondon BroilBrisketChuck RoastPot RoastSirloin Tip RoastShort Ribs (Standard and Korean)Stew MeatGround Beef, We also have a new Food Blog focused on cooking pastured meats!www.MoomawKitchen.com, Moomaw Family Farm: Pastured Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb. Chest freezers generally utilize space better than upright freezers. major cuts of meat and poultry. When the hogs are inside for the winter they get some alfalfa along with the grain ration. We are a small scale family operation that picked up raising hogs because we were sick of the options we had, and all the tricky wording used, in trying to buy pork for our family. The hanging weight of our hogs will be around 200 lbs. We sell our Berkshire hogs whole or by the half as well as individual cuts. (229) 263-9074. 2538 Dixie Rd. Home / About / Partners / Photos / Reviews / Wait-List / FAQ / Pastured Meat CSA Chicken, Pork, Lamb, & Beef Home Delivery from Portland to Salem. Pastured Pork. No hormones, no antibiotics. This figure is usually 60% of the body weight. Price is determined by hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after the skin, head, hooves and non-usable organs are removed. For a half hog order you can roughly estimate you will receive the following: 5 lbs ham hocks or stew bones (great for soup, stew, or dogs). 541 619-5307 / oregonheritagehogs@gmail.com After an initial wait of 1-2 months, deliveries begin and then continue year-round. - Full-Size subscription ($128/month) provides 10 lbs of meat EACH month, - Half-Size subscription ($67/month) provides 10 lbs of meat EVERY OTHER month. The pigs are raised by another certified organic farm family in Eastern Wisconsin. Avg. - You can choose from Chicken, Pork, Lamb, and/or Beef to include in your subscription. Sign up to join our mailing list and be the first to receive notifications on farm happenings. We raise Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb, and Rabbit - Home Delivery from Portland to Salem. The pastures are a mixture of legumes such as grass, clover, radishes, and rye. You can expect to pay an additional $140/whole hog or $70/half hog to the butcher for processing and curing, depending on your choice of cuts and processing. While outdoors, they also have pastures that they eat from which have mostly clovers and some grass, Add to Cart. Avg. Everything is individually packaged and labeled. Creekside Farms $ 4.99 /lb. Whatever your ethnicity there is likely a pork belly dish in your heritage. ©2018 BY THOMPSON FARMS The sounder is permitted full access outside where they wallow, root, graze, and romp to their hearts content. Whatever you may be looking for, we’ve got the pork product for you.

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