We have been guiding on the Oldman River since 1995, and are one of the original guide services on the Lower Oldman River tailwater . The Castle River is the largest of the Oldman River Tributaries. Subscriber Services. Count on lots of action while you fish streamers, hopper-dropper and double hopper rigs from a drift boat. Then, when the PMDs, caddis or Blue-wings start to hatch, we change tactics and stalk large hot trout that run and fight spectacularly. Can't thank you enough Jason. During this time anglers can experience some fantastic hopper fishing – especially on warm, windy days. Jeff Mironuck. The tailwater section of the Oldman is one of Alberta's fly-fishing enigmas. D.B.O. guides on this river until mid-October. West of the Livingston Mountain range is considered to be the best Cutthroat Trout fly fishing in Alberta. Chip's Monster Magic. Another bridge provides access on a gravel road 10 miles downstream. also makes use of private access on The Lower Oldman River Tailwater enabling you to extend your float. I hadn’t considered that it was a Sunday so exchanging money was out of the question. While these multiple personalities may keep the Oldman River out of the spotlight, they also combine to create a great and diverse Western trout stream. Target them by dancing big streamers through deep water and plunge pools on the end of a fast-sinking-tip line. Our clients that spend a day or two fly-fishing the Oldman River are amazed at with this scenic river that starts in the mountains, spills out of the foothills then flows over the prairies before eventually joining the Bow River. Fishing with Ladin Fly fishing TV Show - Rock On! We took the gravel road on the north side. What are they eating? Read More . Due to special regulations they offer the best west slope cutthroat trout fly fishing in Alberta. All these tricks can be put to use on poppers or sliders for anything with fins, from panfish to billfish. Jason Dobirstein guided me on a Bighorn Sheep hunt, one that will never be forgotten. Great dry fly fishing can be had along the Oldman's entire length though all methods of fly fishing will be employed. Read More . It is just east of the Canadian Rockies as they break out into the plains. The river flows generally south, with easy access via Highway 40 (the old Forestry Trunk Road), a gravel road running north-south through the forest reserve. Most of the fishing is a matter of searching for willing volunteers, whether they are rising or not. The good news is 2005 and 2006 were good years. We suggest fishing the tailwater and middle stretches in May or after run-off, which usually ends in late June. And on those days when all components are not in place, the fish often take a dry Green Drake anyway. But if you use a streamer about 3 inches long you'll catch some bulls along with a larger class of cutts and rainbows. Great dry fly fishing can be had along the Oldman’s entire length though all methods of fly fishing will be employed. You hook a small fish and while you're bringing it in a big bull swoops out from under a rock and tries to take him away. Alberta. Oldman River Outfitters is a premier Fly Fishing Outfitter. July 21, 2015. USA. The rock structures along this section of river are some of the most beautiful and unique I have seen. It’s amazing fertility produces abundant insect hatches and this, combined with it’s smaller size an variety of trout holding water make the Crowsnest a serious fly angler’s dream come true. Alberta.Our Clients that spend a day or two Fly-Fishing The Oldman River are amazed at with this scenic river that starts in the mountains, spills out of the foothills then flows over the prairies before eventually joining the Bow River. In the summer, carry dry Green Drake patterns (#10-12) like the Green Paradrake or Green Drake Thorax. The Oldman River is the major drainage in S.W. There are places with incredible mountain views. All Rights Reserved. Still getting fish on both rivers to eat hoppers for most of the day. The upper river lies within the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve—government land open to public use—and is paralleled by an all-weather gravel road, which provides easy access to the river. #quailtracks #gam, Crush showing off his retrieving prowess #englishp, My favorite #scaledquail #bluequail #cottontops #t, The latest addition to our String is a 2 year old, Chasing Scalies out in the Desert is a very “Cat, A little bit of British Gun Porn.Top Gun is a 16 G, Happy Veterans Day and Thank You for Your Service, My Belgian 12 Gauge and three unlucky Scaled Quail, A good day was had getting re acquainted with the, A single Sharptail flushes out of the Grasslands #, Just back from the gunsmith a 12 Gauge Francotte B, A couple of pics of a a couple iconic birds and an, @sarahdaviestilt goes in to cover a point then her, Every once in awhile I pick up my trusty Spanish G, @mikepilchdvm Walking in to cover a point in a ver, Millie is wondering WTF just happened ,after getti, El Coronado Ranch- Arizona Quail Hunting Lodge, Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Guides. FEATURED: Red Deer River Alberta, Canada July 16, 2016 Near Red Deer, the Red Deer River is known by local fly … D.B.O. The Oldman is joined by the Livingstone River and several smaller tributaries. UPPER OLDMAN RIVER. Fly Fishing & Wingshooting Adventures When somebody says they've been fishing the Oldman, they're not really giving out much information. It is the upper 70 miles of the Oldman, from its headwaters to the Peigan Indian Reserve, that intrigues fly fishers. Fishing with Ladin Fly fishing TV Show - Fish on! Native cutthroat dart over polished gravel in the moments they feel safe from apparitional bull trout that lurk beneath. In fact,the Alberta record brown trout of 16+ pounds was caught in The Lower Oldman River Tailwater fishery. These fish grow strong and firm in this tough rocky mountain setting. Fly Fishing the Waterton River. If you want to fish a dry with a nymph, try a #10 yellow Rubber-legged Stimulator with a #16 Copper John. The season on the Upper Oldman River opens in late June, while the middle and Lower Oldman River tailwater stretches are open year-round. Everyone wants a definite answer to “How close can you get?”.

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