However these pigments are all very lightfast, which makes the mixtures more permanent than other brands, even in the greens. I also like their cerulean blue deep - again one of the most intense available. Thanks for this!On the whole, how do you feel these compared to other brands like Daniel Smith? Old Holland is kind of a strange brand. (Paint line minimally documented by manufacturer; the spec sheet emailed to me contained several errors. I have no plans to buy more Old Holland colors, because I already have more paint than anyone needs. I can’t make a purple but can make good browns and greys). Wanted to purchase the paint, but apparently current ones are just hues :(. The first thing I noticed was that the Old Holland paints seemed much thicker and gloopier than most other tube watercolours I’ve tried. Love. Kremer Pan Watercolors (reviewed May 2005; updated May 2009) - 47 traditional and modern colors, all single pigment paints, and 17 pearlescent colors. I did find that it made it a little harder to layer colours as even once the lower layer was completely dry, putting a thin glaze over it would pick up the under layer and mix the colours. And finally, these are now the most expensive — absurdly expensive — watercolors you can buy — after all, you can't buy rose dore madder lake antique extra or indian yellow-green lake extra anywhere else, you have to pay extra for extra! The July, 2007 average unit price* at Utrecht was $0.60, and average unit cadmium price was $0.76, unchanged since 2004. Made in Driebergen (Holland), this is a bewildering line of antiquated ("since 1664" but actually launched in the late 1980's) watercolors that in basic ways falls short of the needs of today's professional artist. But the price of the lower volume half pans are the same as the small tubes...They have some great pigments and some really lovely colours but my experience has put me off. They say that they are too gummy , too thick, and too difficult to rewet. It’s awful to get a flood of binder at the start, since it’s nearly impossible to get it back in the tube. Tube ingredient information lists pigment name and generic color index name. Art Supply Review: Old Holland Watercolors, Classic Watercolours | colour chart | Old Holland Classic Colours, How to help Black Lives Matter - Breonna Taylor Watercolor Portrait, Art Supply First Look: Roman Szmal Aquarius Pasqualino Fracasso Palette, Art Supply Haul | Watercolor Paint and Paper, Meet Me outside: Dresden Botanical Garden Art Trip, Metallic Watercolor Spotlight: Comparing the Best Brands, A Watercolorist’s Dream Gift Guide 2019 (European edition), The Ultimate List Of Handmade Watercolor Makers, varying lightfastness, I would not trust the lightfastness rating given by Old Holland, Identification (Color Labeling and Accuracy), No pigment number or other information on the tube, also the label does not match the color inside at all, The line is full of overly complicated convenience mixes. (Paint line adequately documented by manufacturer, mislabeling aside. This cost difference is usually achieved by using less pigment or a lower grade of pigment, "hue" or substitution mixtures for expensive pigments, more dispersant (to reduce milling time), and the addition of brighteners or fillers. I recently bought 24 hand-picked half pans of Old Holland paints from Jackson's UK and an empty metal palette to put them in, and so far I really love them. All colors available as half or whole pan dried cakes, poured out and slightly smaller than other brands. New Masters Classic Acrylics were developed specifically to complement Old Holland's existing oil and watercolor ranges. This won't cause much anguish about lost paint, because the painted metal tubes hold 20ml. The accuracy and clarity of paint names is generally good, with a few exceptions (quinacridone rust, turquoise, terra rosa, and omission of "hue" in traditional pigment names gamboge and sepia). Unfortunately a few paints — dioxazine violet, prussian blue and phthalo blue in particular — are excessively diluted with vehicle in order to lighten the color, making the paints unexpectedly weak and lowering lightfastness, but the tonal values are easier to match across paints. It's no secret that I have been using Daniel Smith watercolours for over 20 years because they work beautifully for me. Old Holland Watercolours - Hooker's Green Lake Deep Extra, Cinnabar Green Deep Extra, Chromium Oxide Green, Old Holland Golden Green Deep, Raw Sienna Deep. You have to add water to them before the pigment will come off of the pan. ), Utrecht (reviewed June, 1999) - 42 colors, 90% of them single pigment paints. Because the vehicle includes honey as a humectant, some of the paints will dry to a hard cake when poured into pans, while others will not dry in pans or when applied as an undiluted impasto on paper. Love. Maybe it was also just bad luck but since they are expensive and reading about your experience, I probably won't get more from them. You have probably heard of the Dutch East India Company, haven’t you? Tube ingredient information shows pigment common name, color index generic name, lightfastness rating, vehicle.

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