endobj ; Alamri, S.A.; EL-Hefny, M.; Salem, M.Z.M. %���� 2019; 7(4):215. Box 2455, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia, Department of Floriculture, Ornamental Horticulture and Garden Design, Faculty of Agriculture (El-Shatby), Alexandria University, Alexandria 21545, Egypt, Forestry and Wood Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture (El-Shatby), Alexandria University, Alexandria 21545, Egypt, Timber Trees Research Department, Sabahia Horticulture Research Station, Horticulture Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Alexandria 21526, Egypt, Biology Department, University College of Taymma, University of Tabuk, Taymma, Tabuk P.O. �1 lXfPUf��FL��7��M{K���$�~����E7�����lC݊S{�#Ԏ���ضJ�(͈4x��t��w��|��x�>?d[p�����g>����;`F����� 4U�.�\���Ѭ� =`���������Vw�ɝ�F8۽s�Z0\!�z�x��8�cp�]8hp0�p����=�g��_l�Y\l��q'~j.1C+2M�pu�cd��щ�� ����6���0l��Gُ!e�F���B���Fj�.>��+E�'܆�V[.RyN*���C 2019. Sumanth, Noorunissa Begum, Sugandhi Rani, Surekha K.V., and Nikhil Desale. Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. �'��|���k�U 6̔�ZE�c %ÿ�6�������ѹ�Ϡە�g��0>W�����Pi`4��Je���'�z��PDc�� v �h�z[f������՚���6�W[')c!��������QI�YKT:7U�������ڍdi#f�Tg0"cϡ�؄>�b�>B�Pjt $�zDYӧ.Rf�>G�m�[3IT2�*��_�F�C�cZK`��*7��#�>�!4��߳'`�i�� �:@�V�7`A��a�Q�4?��9F;�&�5����h�������l��;���rX��*�|}�Hݬ�+@lsv�S��8}-��xL h?.���A)�����g��oV�mù�/ !H�i�We�u�*!XݴC�"�$�>��N��S�B�Q���*f�ʮ�%X�0~��܍a��¢�����d> Musa paradisiaca var. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. Musa paradisiaca var. Distribution: Cultivated throughout the tropics. Q �nׄh]� �T��x�!E�� v$xw�"+b���T���I��� %ygS@�� �DGg Seedlings of the cold-tolerant plantain cv. Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. ���{bwW�D"�����as�:?d�����au~���ޟ���������������nu�l��:{��e����'��YV���]>}²�g�)����*��O�����]��׷O��_|�g��x�d�b�4���������/K�8,O�b�dlq�/�����oٻ�>�P@4|ˌ������� Ethanobotanical Study of Less Known Wild Edible Plants of Hakki Pikki Tribes of Angadihalli, Hassan Di... Ethnobotany of religious and supernatural beliefs of the Mising tribes of Assam with special reference... https://indiabiodiversity.org/biodiv/species/show/243873. }������|F��bg]4�S����lhn�%�,�� �� ���g[��ev��)�πߞ_Qw��&�!�? Includes realm (e.g Terrestrial etc) and climatic information (e.g Boreal); also includes requirements and tolerances; horizontal and vertical (altitudinal) distribution. Plant Material and Stress Treatment . illeg. <>>> ), associated mostly to vertebrates. Plantain (Musa paradisiaca) is an important staple food that is grown throughout the tropics. | In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted. You seem to have javascript disabled. Two of the earliest specific epithets Musa paradisiacal and Musa sapientumn are cultivars derived from hybrids. Antifungal activity; antibacterial activity; Help us to further improve by taking part in this short 5 minute survey, Alternative Environmentally Friendly Insulating Gases for SF, A Process for the Separation of Noble Metals from HCl Liquor Containing Gold(III), Palladium(II), Platinum(IV), Rhodium(III), and Iridium(IV) by Solvent Extraction, Computational Methods Enabling Next-Generation Bioprocesses, Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Bilberry and Red Currant Waste Extracts, Green Separation and Extraction Processes. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement (what happens when the organism is removed). 1 0 obj See further details. x��=�r9r��?Tl�:��b�pWMlLX�hVs��}h�M�wH6��)Y�#����8 Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Dajiao) and the cold-sensitive banana cv. x�x��Ż�_�v��o� Box 741, Saudi Arabia, Centro Universitario UAEM-Temascaltepec, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Estado de México 51300, Mexico, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, 50000 Estado de México, Mexico. violacea Blanco . Processes. stream Venugopal, B. S. Somashekhar, M.V. pTT��Mxp���/N0d�oQ$���ͫ�hX��v]��A��A�oAf�8���Ol�0� �C6�H�(z��*�y��~����S�� B�g0� #ƪ)@L?�G�� )�� F�T@`��$LX1 � �n*l�{��8��@�_He&AP8�h�Tbl�Ar�it�[����K��B >���Ÿ؅��ŸS]]���=Ƌ���6 FRLHT's ENVIS Centre on Medicinal Plants, Bengaluru. The angiosperms diversity was studied in Doaba region of Punjab, India. The statements, opinions and data contained in the journal, © 1996-2020 MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) unless otherwise stated. ; Monroy, J.C.; Salem, A.Z.M. ; Okla, M.K. Our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI. <> lipid peroxidation (LPO) and on the concentration of. We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the best experience.

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