The game was created bases on a renovated plot of British folklore. Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror, set in a remote hotel with a gory and macabre history from British folklore. Sker House is an actual building that still stands in the Welsh countryside, and is the subject around which terrifying tales of supernatural horror and downright gore have been woven over the years. Dynamic environment sound feature that alerts enemies via a nudge system when the player bumps into objects. | Maid of Sker is a loose adaptation of the Welsh ghost story of Sker House, itself a tale of love and loss. Set in 1898, the game takes place in the remote Sker Hotel which is located on the imaginary Sker Island. According to the story, in the 1700s Elizabeth Williams fell for a local harpist named Thomas Evans, but their romance did not align what Elizabeth's father wanted for his daughter. Braving the nightmares of Sker House takes more than just grit and determination. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or … After an elopement was halted, Elizabeth would eventually be locked away, and died of a broken heart nine years into an arranged marriage. Plot Keywords Synopsis. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. She is said to be one of the two ghosts that still haunt the infamous hotel to this day. Folklore and horror have often gone hand in hand, and these stories have often been retold in commercial media for a tidy profit. Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror, set in a remote hotel with a gory and macabre history from British folklore. This website is operated by IGM Media, INC. – © 2020 – All Rights Reserved, What You Should Know About Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Yet no peace there is for me among my friends and neighbours, unless I will set to and try—as they bid me twice a-day perhaps—whether I cannot tell the rights of a curious adventure which it pleased Providence should happen, off and on, amidst us, now for a good many years, and with many ins and outs to it. He won literary merit and acclaim for his vivid descriptions and personification of the countryside, sharing with Thomas Hardy a Western England background and a strong sense of regional setting in his works. The plot of the game is based on Welsh folklore that tells the terrifying tale of Elisabeth Williams, a girl who was locked up in her room in Sker House by her father. Its lighting adds to this with pockets of colored light, which do well to break up the muddy darkness that occasionally detracts from the game. According to the story, in the 1700s Elizabeth Williams fell for a local harpist named Thomas Evans, but their romance did not align what Elizabeth's father wanted for his daughter. Synopsis [6], "Maid of Sker" redirects here. For the game by Wales Interactive, see,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 08:01. You Should Definitely Play Atomicrops. | Thirty-four years after the publication of her dystopian classic, The Handmaid's Tale, Atwood returns to continue the story of Offred. Meanwhile, seeing a lesser-known story in a different form is certainly a change of pace from a game genre that can sometimes be a little too conservative to really deliver scares. Multi-award winning video games & interactive movie Publisher & Developer, “Maid of Sker is easily one of my top horror games this year so far, even standing its own against the AAA horror giants like Resident Evil 3”. Elizabeth's ghost reportedly haunts the location to this day. The Maid of Sker book. Taglines Plot and setting. Veterans of the contemporary survival horror scene will know what to expect from its stealth gameplay, but its story and sound design carry it beyond the confines it sets for itself. It is said to be one of the most haunted sites in Britain. In Maid of Sker, the player takes on the role of Thomas as he searches for a missing Elisabeth. Indivisible: What Makes This Indie Game Special? Maid of Sker is available today, July 28, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. [1] Noted for his eye for and sympathy with nature, critics of the time described this as one of the most striking features of his writings. Armed with only a defensive sound device, you’ll utilise stealth tactics to avoid death amongst a cult of sound-based AI enemies. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. [5], The Maid of Sker was serialized in Blackwood's Magazine from August 1871 to July 1872. Alongside his writing, Rob plays in two UK-based musical acts, the electro-pop band Palomino Club and rock band Titans & Kings, and also lends his vocal talents to the Big Boys Don't Cry podcast, which reviews and discusses romantic comedies. All rights reserved. Maid of Sker is a first-person game where you play the character of Thomas Evans, a musician who has been forced into a haunting and spine-chilling battle, all in an attempt to save the life of the woman he loves. All in all this means that Maid of Sker maintains a gothic horror sensibility extremely well, although this does makes way for strange rituals and dark science. As well as this, Rob is at home with a focus on film and television, particularly when it comes to the realms of horror. The tale that has inspired the game is about a family that has built its empire through slavery, piracy, and torture, and the gory history doesn’t end there. I am but an ancient fisherman upon the coast of Glamorganshire, with work enough of my own to do, and trouble enough of my own to heed, in getting my poor living. However, the game takes the popular folklore and tells the story in a much more sinister manner to give you a truly petrifying experience.

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