American vs. Japanese Kit Kats Photo by SAPhotog. Kit Kats were introduced to Japan in 1973 when Rowntree's made an agreement with Fujiya.

Ginger Ale Kit Kat may sound odd, but it’s not the first beverage inspired Kit Kat. To get there, get off at Ikebukuro station and leave by the south exit, you will find it in the A7 area of the basement (B1F) of the Seibu Department store. Kit Kat is a delicious chocolate-covered wafer bar produced by Nestle.It’s a hit in Japan especially among students as it has become a good luck charm for sounding like “kitto katsu,” meaning “surely win.” To the Japanese, the sound キットカット kitto katto is very close to きっと勝つ kitto katsu, which translates as “certainly succeed”. Along with the airport, those are the shops which spring to mind. The shop we recommend is Candysan, which has a good range and reasonable prices. In 2015, the brand also launched its first Easter version (for which there is almost no call in Japan) and even Kit Kat sandwiches (through the First Kitchen chain)! This means you can have a break with a Kit Kat during a day of sightseeing, or use up your last few Yens before leaving in Narita or Haneda airports. Where to buy Kit-Kat in Japan?

Kit Kat is big in Japan. They are also sold in most Japanese stations, where they perform the function of omiyage, the often regional gifts that you bring back from your travels.

Kanpai's advice if you want to buy several different flavours and are worried about running out of time or choice at the airport, is to go to the Tokyo Marunouchi Station on the Yaesu side (south). The bar owes its success to a number of factors, some of which are rather random. American vs. Japanese Kit Kats Photo by SAPhotog. Daily…, From a Western point of view, the experience may happen to be funny: ask anyone in Japan if they knows his…, It is interesting to see that even in such basic “art form” as that of smileys, the Japanese have evolved…, The reputation of Japanese toilets precedes them almost everywhere in the world and rightly so: they are…, It may seem like a weird question but it is one worth raising if you are planning to travel to Japan: how do…, Kyoto and Nara without Tourist amid Coronavirus Outbreak, The surprising blood type of Japanese people, two in the capital (Seibu Ikebukuro and Daimaru Tokyo). While Hershey distributes American Kit Kats, the Japanese version is owned by Nestlé.

The brand says this has helped recognition of Kit Kat grow at an incredibly fast speed in Japan and without any need for a big marketing campaign. In the first basement (or B1F) in front of the JR entrance, take First Avenue and then “Tokyo ramen  street” and there is a gift shop just on the corner. Create your Kanpai account to manage your profile and view your participation history (questions, answers).

Kanas are the much-needed basic characters of written Japanese language. The brand is also working on its publicity, by producing short films in the form of drama starring its products, for example. On January 17, 2014, the first shop in the world dedicated to Kit Kats, called Chocolatory in Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, opened. From cheesecake to wasabi to purple sweet potato, the crispy wafer bar is available in more than 400 varieties, according to … Isshoni means "together" in Japanese: share your trip details (dates, places you would like to visit) and find companions to travel in Japan.

Ask any kind of question and share your knowledge about Japan in Kanpai’s community space, our Q&A section Kotaete. While Hershey distributes American Kit Kats, the Japanese version is owned by Nestlé. Ginger Ale. Indeed, the Japanese were quick to latch on to this linguistic similarity, and schoolchildren and students are given them before a test, exam or job interview. Who would have guessed this humble chocolate bar would have become such a huge hit among the Japanese in the 2000s? Kit Kat is estimated to have brought out over two hundred different varieties in total since the early 2000s.

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