If you just completed a summer internship between your Junior and Senior year, you may have received an offer for an entry level job to return after … Your internship supervisor and college career center will likely have some written assessment to help you evaluate the experience. Once you’ve wrapped up your internship, it’s tempting to sit back and spend a few days (or weeks) binge-watching reality TV shows. Here’s how to proceed: One of the best ways to make an impact as an intern is to add value for the company after your internship has officially ended. Want to finish your internship off the right way? After the Supervisor has acknowledged the newest potential candidate, the candidate should be sent an Internship Offer Letter. As we’ve discussed time and again, internships are often the gateway to full-time jobs. There are plenty of ways to keep reaping the benefits of your experience long after you’ve turned in your badge. Follow these tips to put the negative experience behind you and look to the future (and future internships) with a positive attitude: networking for future internships or jobs, internships are often the gateway to full-time jobs. Here are a few ideas to make an impression after you’re gone. Then, proceed accordingly. You’ll want at least one reference letter, as well as verbal agreements to be future references from two or three other people. You likely needed to send over a list of references to get your internship, and now’s your chance to build that list. But even though your internship is over, things shouldn’t grind to a halt. © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. The internship offer letter should be closed with a professional salutation, such as "Sincerely," followed by the name of the person writing the letter and their professional title. You extend a job offer … A job offer at the end of a middlin’ internship isn’t a reward or a vote of confidence or “hey, you improved a lot and worked hard.” It isn’t a consolation prize. Ask for references You likely needed to send over a list of references to get your internship… However, only about half of all internships lead to an offer of employment, … If you’ve enjoyed your internship and are interested in pursuing a future with the company, you’ll want to devise a plan and timeline to discuss with the appropriate parties. References and letters of reference will validate and document your hard work as an intern. Even if they don’t need your help anymore, you’ll be respected for taking the initiative. Soon after your internship, while everything’s still fresh in your mind, assess how the experience has helped you grow and develop your talents. If you had a negative experience at your internship, know that you’re not alone. You do an internship to learn valuable real-world skills, so now’s the time to ensure you got what you came for. Here’s what to do: That’s an excellent, and important, question. College students are returning to campus and some will be returning with that elusive, coveted entry level job offer in hand. If your supervisor has been exceptional, you may want to offer to take them to lunch on your last day or after the internship ends as a way to stay in touch. From your internship supervisor to your coworkers, HR staff members, and janitors, you can never thank too many people too many times. The sooner you start asking for references, the better. Include an acceptance section. Rather than asking for references and going on your way, think about what you can do to continue helping out. For most students, an internship is a means of gaining valuable experience to help land a job after graduation. Consider any gaps you saw during your internship, be proactive, and present a few ideas to your supervisor. Before you decide how to handle the situation, evaluate your internship carefully and decide what went wrong. Read on. Paid vs Unpaid Internship Internships can be paid, which … This final section of an internship offer letter comes after … You don’t make a job offer to someone you don’t expect to take it just to give them a little confidence boost. Here are a few key ways to measure the growth of your learning curve: As soon as your internship starts drawing to a close, start saying “thank you” to anyone and everyone who’s made it a positive experience.

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