If you have made the recipe and liked it then do share the recipe link on facebook, twitter & pinterest. बारिश के मौसम में ज्यादातर क... खीर एक ऐसी रेसिपी है जो झट से बनकर तैयार हो जाती है. Mix all the ingredients together until milk powder is completely mixed well. A close substitute is ricotta cheese which is the same as Chenna/ unset paneer. 1. Keep the Kalakand in the fridge for about 1/2 hour, so that it sets well. Tandoori chicken recipe Dhaba style. It took about 8 to 9 minutes for me. Gently press the dry fruits in the kalakand with the back of the spoon and keep it aside for few hours to cool down to room temperature. Shake the pan so that the mixture spreads evenly. Mix them well and begin to cook on a medium flame stirring continuously. Kalakand recipe is specially made during festivals using paneer (cottage cheese), cardamom powder, fresh cream, milk powder, almonds and pistachios. Pour 1 teaspoon kewra or rose water (optional) at this stage. Wishing Happy Diwali to you and your family. In the kalakand, you can add dry fruits as well flavorings of your choice. Best served chilled. Cover with a foil or lid and then keep in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. Hi, I found the recipe very helpful with good instructions. How to make kalakand … Read - Kalakand Recipe – Kalakand Burfee Recipe In English. Required fields are marked *. Some brands don’t work at all. thanks anu. Made with paneer and sweetened condensed milk. Turn off the flame, kalakand becomes thick lump yet it holds some moisture. After it sets, slice the kalakand and serve. Im portant tips for making moist kalakand:. It took me 15 minutes on a low flame. Thank you, Loved ur recepie thnku so much im trying kalakand today nd let u know how it will b, Can it be kept outside with refridgenatio .. if so how long. It has to be moist since this is a soft set sweet. A little more or less will do. Add ¾ tsp cardamom powder. Do not use low fat paneer or low fat condensed milk, it doesn’t turn out tasty . Place the butter paper in the bowl and grease the paper too. If you made this recipe, please be sure to rate it in the recipe card below. Chenna or homemade paneer has some amount of whey in it which prevents kalakand from turning rubbery and chewy. Banana pancake recipe step by step. This recipe of milk cake is an instant or quick version of the traditional recipe which is made in only 10 minutes. Hi Dassana, one of the popular Indian sweets. The post is very informative, Thank you. कलाकन्द जमाने के लिये तैयार है. In addition to this, do visit my other recipes collection from my blog like, Chocolate ganache | How to make ganache with cocoa powder, Bounty recipe | Easy No-Bake Coconut Bounty bars, Sabudana Halwa | Sago pearls pudding | How to make…, Mawa recipe | Khoya recipe | How to make mawa recipe with milk, Milk mawa powder peda | Doodh peda recipe | How to make peda, https://www.flavoursonplate.com/rabri-recipe/. You can also level with a spoon or spatula. Use full-fat whole milk for making paneer or use good quality full fat paneer for making paneer. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. If you still want to try add 3 tbsps of hot milk to the grated paneer and mix. If the paneer is refrigerated, then I suggest to grate it. Grease the tray or plate on which you want to spread the kalakand with ghee or butter. It was about 265 grams, 2 cups loosely measured or 1¼ cups tightly packed. I like kalakand but this time I’ll make it myself. Kalakand is an exotic & traditional Indian sweet dessert recipe made from Paneer and solidified full-fat milk. Keep refrigerated and finish it in 4 to 6 days. If you are trying to avoid store bought condensed milk, you can make it at home using 3 cups milk and half cup sugar. 9. Should it be whole milk? Glad to know it came out good! Thats what I did. It will set to a soft set crumbly cake. I also have a professional background in cooking & baking. कलाकन्द अनेक तरह से बनाया जाता है, इसे कन्डेंस्ड मिल्क से या मिल्क पाउडर से भी बना सकते हैं. Then do follow and subscribe to us on youtube to get the latest Recipe Video updates. Simmer the milk until it reduces to half, then add sugar. बचा हुआ कलाकन्द आप एअर टाइट कन्टेनर में भर कर रखिये, फ्रिज में रखकर आप इसे  5-6 दिन में खतम कर लीजिये. They have the goodness of fresh homemade Chenna or cottage cheese, the sweetness from the condensed milk, a drizzle of ghee … It comes down to room temperature. Kalakand | How to make kalakand sweet | Instant kalakand. Vanilla basic cake recipe easy steps. By swasthi , on August 18, 2019, 101 Comments, Jump to Recipe. This time I took pics so that I can add in the blog too. You can also slice the dry fruits. Remove it from the fridge 30 to 60 mins before serving. दूसरे भगोने का 1 लीटर दूध भारी तले के भगोने में उबल रहा है, उसे आधा रहने तक उबालिये. Also, go through our Indian bread section for a variety of rotis like Butter naan recipe, palak paratha recipe, kachori recipes and thalipeeth recipe. Cottage cheese (paneer), Milk Maid, Milk powder, Cardamom, Pistachio, butter or ghee. Now, cut in square shapes or any desired shape. It turns best with homemade paneer. Store bought paneer has no whey in it so a lot of times I ended up with hard and chewy kalakand. Turn off the stove. Kalakand turns out super soft, moist and melt-in-mouth delicious with a grainy texture. Hi Dassana, If you have some extra milk lying in your fridge, you can make any Indian sweet recipe of your choice. Keep stirring and continue to cook. This will take longer with ricotta cheese as there is much more whey in it than homemade paneer. Mix ghee with the kalakand till all the ghee is absorbed in the kalakand. Twitter Kalakand me hum milkmaid ko kaise aur kab use karengeनिशा: बिवा जी, कलाकन्द में चीनी डालना ही अच्छा होता है. All our content & photos are copyright protected. You can also level with a spoon or spatula. It’s so simple to make. Glad you liked the pav bhaji. For instagram mention. Can you brief me about how to make it sugerfree for me? कलाकन्द - Kalakand Recipe – Kalakand Burfee, Kalakand Recipe – Kalakand Burfee Recipe In English. Now pour the kalakand mixture in the prepared pan/plate/thali. थोड़ी थोड़ी देर में चमचे से चलाते रहिये ताकि दूध बर्तन के तले में न लगे. Kalakand is an Indian dessert made out of solidified, sweetened milk and paneer. Mix ghee with the mixture till all the ghee is absorbed in the kalakand. It still tastes delicious. 6. And thicken the mixture. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. 4. It is a well set fudge and not delicate. So homemade paneer is the key here. To make chenna/paneer, avoid using vinegar. 14. Do not overcook. Meanwhile chop nuts and line a small greased tray with parchment paper. Then reduce the flame to low and continue to cook stirring until it becomes thick. Only three main ingredients are required for making this instant kalakand – sweetened condensed milk, Paneer or chenna and milk powder. 12. The kalakand came out very good and it did not crumble down. Welcome Manisha. भारी तले के 2 भगोने लीजिये, एक एक लीटर दूध डाल कर गैस के दोंनो चूल्हे पर उबलने के लिये रख दीजिये. The traditional way of making kalakand is a long and time-consuming recipe. Remove the pan from the flame. Kalakand recipe with step by step photos – this is a two ingredient quick and tasty kalakand (Indian milk cake) recipe in 15 minutes.

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