She explained to me that her faith would never allow for a termination, so she and her husband decided against IPS for each of her three pregnancies. Get the latest public health information from CDC: At Olive Fertility Centre in Vancouver, this can cost up to $18,000. Bishop AJ, Marteau TM, Armstrong D, Chitty LS, Longworth L, Buxton MJ, et al. 2012;5(1):476. Early in my second trimester, an ultrasound informed us that I was having a boy. These findings may contribute to construction of patient-relevant outcomes in an economic analysis [55], determination of optimal placement of NIPT in the clinical pathway, design of patient education materials, or inform ethical and social analysis in a health technology assessment of NIPT. 2017;26(3):522–31. Prenat Diagn. Bioethicists worry that 23andMe and its inevitable competitors will concentrate on making a mint off newfound screening capabilities and storing private health data, leaving everyone else to figure out the ethics afterward. However, this technique is not sufficient to elicit an exhaustive list of potential ethical issues, nor does it provide definitive normative guidance for policy decision-making. OHIP now covers payments for the harmony prenatal test. As prenatal diagnostic technology expands, both in terms of patients to be tested and diagnoses to be sought, society will face difficult questions concerning access to testing and the justification for its use. Noninvasive prenatal testing Goes global. Ethics approval was granted by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (#14-056) and all participants provided written consent to participate, including consent to be quoted in a publication. What I hope for, most of all, is that they’ll both be safe and well. We recruited these groups by tailoring our strategy in several ways, e.g. 4. Some common suggestions for prohibited uses of NIPT included sex selection, termination on the basis of conditions that had limited, localized impairments (e.g. 2016;28(2):119–24. I’d be very wary of that, if you are using it for that purpose” (A2$). My guess is that their daughter will be particular and science-minded, like her parents, while our son will be prone to messiness and winging it, like Steve and me. Meng M, Li X, Ge H, Chen F, Han M, Zhang Y, et al. Most women were not concerned about the relationship between this private-pay test and their health care provider, with only three women raising the issue. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 38 women purposively sampled because they had a variety of personal experiences with NIPT (Table 1). Participants identified several ethical issues resulting from the way NIPT has been implemented, both the ad-hoc industry-driven implementation and the 2014 Ontario policy requiring a case-by-case demonstration of risk to access publicly funded NIPT. Today, as 23andMe’s legal appeal churns through the US court system, the company continues to sell its tests with a modified approach: After buyers send in their saliva samples, they no longer receive a medical report, just raw genetic data that they must pay another scientist to interpret. [Noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnosis: a bioethical reflection on the use of noninvasive prenatal diagnosis from the analysis of nucleic acids present in maternal peripheral blood]. Chitayat also believes that the results of prenatal tests belong to the parents. Int J Technol Assess Health Care. We do not claim that the issues identified by the women in our study represent an exhaustive list of possible ethical implications of NIPT. (And even then, false positives are common.). St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. In contrast, those who had the opportunity to discuss NIPT with a specialist provider were generally pleased with the interaction: “The genetic counsellor was amazing so whatever their background is, I don’t know but they’re doing a good job. Through the discussions of several women we were able to identify a discomfort with the idea of one policy or regulation that would apply to all women, or all circumstances: “It’s tough because we’re dealing with such a broad population of people with very different moral standards and ethical codes.” (D1) From most of our participants we heard an acceptance of ambiguity, and a reluctance to enforce rules or regulations about reproduction, even as they recognized the necessity of these policies.

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