ultimately, with no relations to “a~n,” even if it’s food made by her or by other people (chef). looking at other couples it would be A since i can easily make lots of retorts/jokes about it, but if i replace it with myself, it’s B. because i can’t make fun of myself (laugh). and, i’d go on a first date with a rough planning, like “what kind of date should it be?”, A. a girl who acts flirtingly/lovey-dovey in front of other people during the date time really flies! it’s fine, if she hands it to me i’ll carry it for her. i'll update my blog properly on each and every place i've went in the past few weeks when all this madness is over, but for now, here is a short update on what i've been up to, hiro-style. i haven’t been updating my blog in a very long time due to a lot of reasons. according to my feelings i’d want to carry them all for her, but i’ll only carry some of them. we had epic purikura with our kaibutsu-kun caps and pikanchi shirts >w<. https://academic.oup.com/journals/pages/open_access/funder_policies/chorus/standard_publication_model, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. sakurai : A. it’s A, but it would help out a lot if my girlfriend has a license. too bad, really, because i would have loved to meet him once more! it’s not embarassing at all. being the same as normal days is boring, so i wish she’d put in the effort and change. though if my girlfriend wants to watch a movie i’ll go. 僕の そばに (laugh). more lush goodies! after that, we went to harajuku because apparantly the softbank there is more efficient and foreigner-friendly. aiba : A. i wonder if there’s the issue of it being a high-class restaurant. if she carries a lot of paper bags, in the meantime i’ll carry a few for her. Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home; moi-même; raison; recherche; voyages; お誕生日おめでとう happy birthday. sorry. École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. i had matsutake udon *O* SO DELICIOUS! If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. there’s also the issue of being embarassed, there’s also the possibility of me carelessly saying “a~n” as well (laugh). (swift answer) A! it’s creepy yet adorable at the same time. i think i’ll be able to do it. i love how happy you truly look whenever you’re together with the rest of them, especially when you’re on the stage in concerts! you can smell it from miles away ヾ(((´*゜∀゜*`)))ノシ i wish i bought more lush before coming home… it’s my dream to have my house smell like lush…, there are a lot of small restaurants and cafes inside , cute little interior shops that make me want to have my own house~. when i was a kid, when i look at couples linking arms, i’d think it’s an adult thing (mature), but now i don’t think so. Found it by sudden with google XD, 4 | Charis Q5. (after taking some time to think) i’ll be at the wheel. possibly my favourite flowers, next to casablanca lilies ♥ they are so gorgeous! i’m definitely okay (with it)! the service was really good too! no matter what, we’re the customer so there’s no way we can’t do things like that right? thanks for translating. perhaps i’ll ask “shall i carry them?” and carry the things that she hands to me. A. i’ll help her carry some of her bags めぐりあいたい人がそこにいる やさしさ広げて待っている rather, i might like it (laugh). Change ). ohno : (swift reply) A. definitely a natural girlfriend. your girlfriend has bought a lot of things. ohno : B. there’s no need to be lovey-dovey in front of other people, that’s that, and people who can do their own activities are good. on the contrary, are you able to do it to your girlfriend? it is definitely very leader-ish so we went in! i fell in love with the mille feuille the last time i came, but since i’ve already tried it before, i decided to order something else : the chestnut bavarois ♥ (420円), it was unexpectedly good :O i am not a big chestnut fan but this one had just the right amount of sweetness and the subtle fragrance of chestnut >w<. ♥♥♥ 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari ♥♥♥. not being decided upon due to the gender, just the act of holding hands or linking arms naturally. matsumoto : B. for this both are possible too… no, when i think about it carefully, holding hands is a bit embarassing, so it’s B. for instance, holding hands in a drama is not embarassing at all, but when it comes to me personally, i can’t imagine it and i’d get embarassed. What follows is an assemblage of narratives, each of which claims a territory around Debussy’s piano piece L’Isle joyeuse. Search for other works by this author on: © The Author(s) (2019). aiba : B. for example, if the girl in question is from the same school or workplace as i am, i’d always be seeing the natural side of her, so for the sake of a first date, putting in the effort is okay (laugh). it was raining too hard and the ground was too dangerous to trek up on foot so i opted for the cable car! 山も風も海の色も i’ll let her carry only one so i don’t spoil her (laugh). it would be good if we could have that kind of flexible activity, though it’s not like i’d definitely want her to have a license. Music is an assemblage. Sign in to disable ALL ads. during the meal, what if she says “a~n ♥” and wants to feed you? after deru arrived we took the train to 田園調布 denenchofu because i fell in love with the cakes at l’epi dor! with her being empty-handed while i carry all of them, there’s the problem of balance, and i can’t be with that type of girl (laugh). ここはふるさと Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. nevertheless, it has been really fun everytime we go out together . the first picspam consists of some of my all-time favourite photos of him. i can’t wait to go back to kyoto again so i can try the other stuff on the menu with teddy >w< he would swoon and never ever be able to look at japanese food the same again hahah! =), o btw i will auto scroll to ohno answer too. the demons and spritis of kurama are considered some of the most famous in the country, entrance to kurama temple, which is famous for its long winding paths of red and white bonbori lanterns. 山も風も海の色も ♥♥ it’s often been said that he resembles a shiba inu, and i can’t agree more – it’s those expressive brown eyes! ♥, it’s going to be nino‘s 27th birthday soon ♥♥ and in celebration of that, i will be posting my favourite photos of him! [the peaceful greenery that calms and soothes the soul] well, as for a first date, just the feeling of girls putting in the effort makes me happy. it’s not like i don’t like to carry heavy things, but it’s the matter of my girlfriend’s feelings. there was a small street festival there as well and we made the mistake of taking a look… i spent money again – a really nice bamboo-bottomed handbag for kimono (4000円), and a white heko obi (1000円). i was supposed to meet her at shibuya but she emailed me 15 minutes before our meeting time to tell me that she had forgotten her wallet at home, her suica had run out of credit and she is now stuck in ikebukuro with no money. Q7. ( Log Out /  Currently popular pronunciations. the words crab chahan with a big “umai!” exclaimation? the mountains, the winds and the color of the seas my favourite perfume which i can never find here in malaysia O_O. the date that i like… dating at home. that’s because most of the time it would be that kind of situation. matsumoto : A. this is a difficult choice. i moved to chinatown after some shopping at the red brick warehouse! Posted by: plueonigiri on: March 14, 2011. the word ふるさと furusato literally means “hometown,” but it can also mean home, or where one belongs. of the people who made my memories L’Isle joyeuse in new directions and intensities fueled by de-sire. it’s not like i personally don’t like carrying all of them, but is there someone who would pass all her things to me? ninomiya : B. the reason would be elimination. if she has 4 shopping bags i’ll carry half… no, 3 of them. Write it here to share it with the entire community. if she has her own activities like meeting other guys it would be shocking, but as far as own activities are concerned, isn’t it fine? the ideal is not to the point of dazzling the people around her, but to the degree that would make the people who know her think, “aa, she made some effort, huh?” how should i say this, to the eye it would have the image of overcoming one’s feelings. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. that’s not a very good picture. who are waiting for me with kindness you like huge, giant tengu goblins hiro does! and normally it would be linking arms i guess. (laugh) and the pace and stride is different too. but, let’s say if i buy her clothes for her birthday, i’d probably carry all of them for her. speaking of which, doing our own activities during a date, wouldn’t that mean that the date is meaningless? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. September 25, 2009 at 6:01 pm, Thanks for the translation! there were 2 more, a blue one with dolphins and one more with poker cards on it she got me the tekkon kinkreet copy of H and a wink up with oh-chan on the cover!!!

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