The filming was jerky and irritating. After surviving a wesen ambush from a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and Meisner were doing to her. Um... Juliette. Like, she's alive. Juliette and Adalind switching roles!? Alexander: She didn't say. Come on, it's, like, Rome's Greatest defeat. Xavier: Guard! Adalind: You sure? What if she's like the old Juliette and wants you back? Italian Member: According to our agents, this political unrest in Asia and Europe is being instigated by Schwarzkralle. Jailer: [With his gun out] Do you see it? What, she saved my life? With David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Elizabeth Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell. Alexander: We are aware of the problem. Guard! We've got a cache of explosives here. the background music was quiet and seemed inappropriate. As soon as it started, it was apparent that something had gone horribly wrong. They're crazy. Nick: Me too. What's going on? It hurts to the core. That's why they took her. Rosalee: What are you talking about? Jed: Hey, wait. [The house is searched all over, but Billie isn't home] (29 Jan 2016). Renard: This was not a random act. Trubel: Yeah, I'm staying here. This wasn't just a job for the members of Black Claw, and that all-encompassing influence on their lives meant that this wasn't a group that could be negotiated with. Adalind: Where is she now? Nick, Monroe, Renard, Hank and Wu are trapped and all in serious danger until Juliette appears – blonde and back from the dead – to save them. Monroe: We all saw her. Hank: From what? [Gavin and Sara both woge into Skalengecks. And she certainly shouldn’t do anything silly like kiss Nick… oh. Nick confronts Trubel for answers. Gavin: Yes? Nick: Adalind. Nick: I don't give a damn. Kelly's asleep. Monroe: Save it. "Eve of Destruction" is the 7th episode and midseason premiere of season 5 of the supernatural drama television series Grimm and the 95th episode overall, which premiered on January 29, 2016, on the cable network NBC. Rosalee: It's Black Claw, but we can't talk about this on the phone. Why are you asking all these questions? Meisner: It's not that easy. Rosalee: This has been happening in other places? Read Christine’s review of the previous episode, Wesen Nacht, here. Guard! Oh, my God, who did this? She told you what would happen. [He and Sara go inside their house] Trubel: I mean, from what I know, they're everywhere. Awards Rosalee: He hung up. This was the one opportunity we had. The group ... 8 of 17 people found this review helpful. [She looks to her left as three men get up to leave] [He hangs up] That's how we found out. Nick: What the hell is this, some kind of test? Lucien: The cops still have him. [He answers] Hey, Rosalee. Adalind: And that makes you vulnerable. Hank: Coming back from the dead usually is. Rosalee: [Her phone rings] I think that's the Council. Monroe: Ah-da-da-da-da. It's impossible. I had no idea he was Schwarzkralle. Nick runs up to the men and fights them. All in all it seemed like the rehearsal of a cheap daytime soap opera. [She answers] This is Rosalee Calvert. I mean, not for sure. Some local, some out of town. Hank: Do you know a Dallas Cruz? Guard! Come on! That's a victim there. Nick: Thanks for staying up. Why has this occurred. Except we all saw her. Rosalee and Monroe: What? B.C. Nick: I met Eve. Rosalee: I think Xavier knows a lot more than he's telling us. Alexander: The Council, every one of them. I didn't hit him! Hank: Looks like Billie had it pretty good. Rosalee: Oh, my God. Trubel: No, Lisbon and Bangkok. Look ahead to the TV shows still set to premiere in the rest of 2020, including "Selena: The Series" and "The Stand. That's all I care about. Great Story but the production values were awful. The meeting was a test and Nick passed. Nick: If you know about the Black Claw, you need to tell us. Nick: Yes, I just saw her. Hank: They knew Xavier was in Custody. Wu: Okay, this is just too weird. Cooper in Pop Culture: 15 Best Movie and TV Moments, MST3K Turkey Day 2020: How to Watch the Marathon This Thanksgiving, Grimm season 5 episode 7 review: Eve Of Destruction. Hey, what are you doing? [He rings the bars] You don't even know what I'm talking about, man. Nick: But you knew she was alive. Meisner: [He answers the phone] Nick. Rosalee: They were all killed last night by Black Claw. In the episode, Nick demands to know about Juliette's return and seeks Trubel and Meisner's help in it while also going after the previous case that involves Monroe and Rosalee. Monroe: So not cool. He's seen these guys. Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is called by Rosalee (Bree Turner) to discuss the problem with Xavier (Robert Clendenin). Adalind: Yeah, you do. Trubel: Why didn't you tell me she was alive? I just don't like Adaline, and do not like this storyline. I'm sure that the acting was as good as ever, but the editing and camera work made the whole show seem unconvincing and difficult to engage with. Monroe: Now? Monroe: They're here. Xavier: Wait. Contents. Trubel: She's right. Jed: No, I wasn't there! [The lock on Alexander's door is shot] Adalind: Did you see Juliette? After surviving a wesen ambush from a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and Meisner were doing to her. Breathe! Nick: Except for Kelly. They'll be breaking down our door next. Nick: He was killed by a Coyotl who woged in front of the jailer. [Eve looks to her left again] [She and Monroe hug] Lucien: She? She was there that night. Monroe: Yes. Grimm has long used its fantasy world as a means of holding a mirror up to the real world and 'Eve of Destruction' had moments that felt like a happy return to the complex stories that made Seasons 3 and 4 so freaking good. It all happened so fast. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Monroe: You need to get down to the spice shop, like, as soon as you can. She saw me too! "[6], MaryAnn Sleasman from, wrote, "'Eve of Destruction' was the strong start that Grimm needed after the shakiness of Season 5's unsteady opener. Xavier: [He retracts] I am sorry. The script seemed to be of the usual standard but I honestly don't remember it as i was too distracted by the changes to the production. Add the first question. Nick: I have no idea. Adalind: That wasn't exactly my intention at the time. Nick: Did they? Hank: [He answers his phone] Trubel with you? | [Trubel tries attacking again, but Meisner ends up locking her arm, causing Trubel to yell in pain] Renard: Let's put 24-hour surveillance on this place. It makes me and our son vulnerable as well. [He woges into a Drang-Zorn] Occultatum Libera! After surviving a wesen ambush from a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and Meisner were doing to her. Monroe: Join them? [Renard starts to walk Xavier to the exit] Officer: Wow. It was truly difficult to watch. Even Rosalee switching loyalties. Just so you could lure Nick into an ambush? Rosalee: Sit down. Alexander: [He walks up to De Groot] Urgent call from Rosalee Calvert. [Jed repeatedly bangs Xavier against the bars], Hank: Soon as we showed them the mark, Billie's parents backed off. And now what? Nick: She wouldn't. Rosalee: [She puts the call on speaker] A number of Wesen shop owners were attacked by Wesen last night. Nick: Xavier's dead. Adalind: Meisner might. Monroe: What kind of questions? [He looks at Xavier], [Rosalee's phone rings] As soon as it started, it was apparent that something had gone horribly wrong. Not saying Juliette is a whole lot better than her, but she was better. I'll get back to you. Nick: [He sighs] I want some answers. Nick: Not exactly, but there's not much I can do about it now. We need to take the vote on implementing our response. Jailer: Can't you see it? Rosalee: Oh, my goodness. The other two men pull out guns and woge into Schakals as Eve leaves. Thinking about it's a lot safer. Nick: Meisner. After finding out that Juliet is very much alive, Nick's first instinct is to question Trubel, As she was the last person to see her alive, Learning that Meisner might know where she is, He quickly contacts him. Rosalee: Yes. De Groot: See what it's about, huh? [Hank, Renard, and Xavier leave] [He sits down] Look at me! Nick: What are you talking about? I know you feel responsible for what happened to her... You're making me nervous. Somehow they managed to turn mild-mannered Juliette into their own Nikita, a weapon designed for one purpose only: to kill. She's a weapon. Rosalee: The Wesen Council doesn't exist anymore.

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