Characterized by gray fuzzy spores present on the leaves of the thyme plant, the only remedy for grey mold is to remove the infected stems or throw out the plant. Specifically, most experts agree that the Thymus Vulgaris needs you to keep the soil semi-moist through regular watering. When ? Leave the plants in the ground for more sprouts and broccoli side shoots to grow. If you are using thyme in soups and dishes that cook for some time you can put sprigs in the pot. Submitted by Carlz on May 19, 2015 - 10:23pm. Submitted by Eleanor on May 16, 2019 - 9:36pm. Other owners consider that they complement well most gardens of informal and cottage, city and courtyard, and in mediterranean garden styles. However, once you give the thyme plenty of bright light (6 to 8 hours) and fertilizer and water, the stems should start to get woody and stuff and self-supporting. Submitted by The Editors on December 22, 2015 - 10:33am. And also add a thin layer of light gravel on the soil surface. can the flowers and seeds be eaten? Store fresh thyme in the crisper section of the refrigerator for up to two weeks. In addition to this, expert gardeners recommend having preferably neutral to alkaline soil. Thyme will rarely need watering apart from during very prolonged periods of dry or drought conditions in summer. Place in a warm area in bright, indirect light. Together with bay and rosemary, sprigs of thyme are a key ingredient of bouquet garni, which is used to flavour many savoury dishes. You can expect your English Thyme to flower around the spring and in the summer months from April to June (spring), and from July to September (summer). Space young plants 12 to 24 inches apart, depending upon the specific variety. Most Thymus Vulgaris owners agree that this herb will look great in most cottage and Mediterranean gardens of all types. But always leave at least five inches of growth so plant will continue to thrive. You could also moisten the tip of a toothpick and use it to lift each seed. It smells like summer to us! The English Thyme is well known for being able to attract butterflies, so keep that in mind when choosing your plant, as you’ll likely end up finding one or another in your garden. Others do best in pots, which you can bring indoors in autumn. We are passionate about plants, and we like sharing our journey plus everything we learn about our leafy friends. Soil needs to drain well so there aren’t “wet feet.” In the garden, plant with other drought-tolerant perennials. Thyme thrives in full sun and loves heat. Basically, your soil needs to have access to water at all times but drain quickly and be very loose, not rich or dense. In fact, herbs often suffer from overwatering and overfertilizing rather than from not enough. Is the soil moisture even, not soggy? Do this after the last spring frost, so that the plants do not get woody and brittle. But, if you want a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to watering your English Thyme then you should consider the famous ‘finger’ test. Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. Please help! The colourful flowers not only look great, but will also attract beneficial insects. 1 Archipelago, Lyon Way,  The cilantro will probably develop flowers and then go to seed quickly when the warmer weather arrives. Wait until the soil is completely dry, then saturate your thyme plant, allowing it to dry out again completely before giving it another watering. You can, however, harvest the leaves and flowers and use them as a garnish. This also means that the herb is best planted in a pot or container by itself, as mixing it with other herbs will likely make the soil too "rich" for it to thrive properly. In particular, they have a simple arrangement with a opposite organization in its leaves. Lemon-scented thymes go well with fish. My ? If you are making classic French dishes, the difference may stand out more than in other applications. These dimensions make the English Thyme a relatively small herb compared to others, so it’s best to keep this fact in mind since it will affect where you want to keep yours at home. Soft growth, promoted by rich soils or overfeeding with high nitrogen plant foods, may encourage aphids. Submitted by Bunny Rabbit on December 21, 2015 - 5:35am. I have planted a small sprig of dried thyme a month ago .Its December now and I don't see any new green leaves sprouting . Was this a truly dry sprig? Use a shallow, wide container so it's more horizontal than vertical. This will give you more leaves to harvest through autumn. I'm currently growing "Doone Valley" Thyme. We are BigBoyPlants A bright windowsill that gets around eight hours of sun a day is ideal, but if your home is rather shaded or you're looking to keep your thyme thriving through the darker winter months, a snug spot under some florescent grow lights will work too. If you do want to give your thyme a boost, feed it with a diluted liquid fertilizer early on in its grow season—choose an organic fertilizer if you hope to cook with or eat your herb. To dry thyme, hang the sprigs in a dark, well-ventilated, warm area. Yes, you can use thyme flowers in your cooking, to flavor butter or olive oil, or in salads. Submitted by The Editors on July 11, 2017 - 11:07am. How to Take a Cutting: Thank you all! As far as herbs are concerned, thyme is one of the easier plants to grow. However, if a recipe calls for a “sprig,” the stem should be left on. Use potting soil that does not contain peat. Herbs require minimal fertilization. It’s therefore a good idea to bring your thyme plants indoors for winter. Thyme adds a gentle flavor to just about anything, especially eggs, tomatoes, meats, soups, beans, and potatoes. Thyme is a highly ornamental and colourful herb that deserves its place in the garden – let alone for its culinary uses. The first, gray mold, can develop due to water-soaked leaves. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'bigboyplants_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_6',111,'0','0']));The leaves from the English Thyme have a beautiful gray-green color during most of the year. Cut back thyme after flowering and protect tender species in winter. Originally native to southern Europe, thyme can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors in a variety of areas, needing only basic attention in order to thrive. Then gently brush the seeds off the paper. Submitted by Pat Knapp on April 28, 2015 - 12:08pm, try making homemade seed tape, use single ply toilet paper, put a small dab of thin flour/water slurry on the bottom half of the paper and put one seed and continue for as long as you wish, then fold over the paper to encase. Transfer to a small pot, let the root ball form, and then transfer to a large pot or directly to your garden. Trim thyme back after it’s finished flowering to promote new growth. Hey y'all! How to Grow Thyme Indoors.

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