[1], Throughout the war, the weaknesses displayed by both sides seem to point to the very same values that were examined in previous readings. If we were to examine each war including today’s possible threats and list their causes we would be able to recognize the familiar patterns. The Peloponnesian War changed Greece in every way. The huge amount of people coming into Athens caused their population to go up. In the year 431 BC, King Archidamus came with a huge Peloponnesian army and attacked Attica and invaded it. Its two conflicting forces were the Peloponnesian League, which was headed by the city-state Sparta, and the Delian League, which was headed city-state of Athens. After this battle Corinth had to re-establish itself and now they needed to make fresh allies. View all posts by JMcFarland. The first phase is known as Archidamian War. The Peloponnesian war had lasting, traumatic effects for Greek society, breaking any chance of a unified Greek state that could stand together against invaders, which ultimately left the door open for Macedonian control. War has been a common theme that people from the past has been faced with and a common theme we fear today. The war began in 431 BC and lasted until 404 BC. It ended democracy in Athens when Sparta replaced it with an oligarchy. Peloponnesian wars were a result of the lack of understanding between Athens and Sparta. Importance of the Peloponnesian War . ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The second breach happened when Macedonia started fighting with Athens. The first phase is known as Archidamian War. It was an epic and convoluted struggle that pitted Greek against Greek in a battle to the death over differing ideals about freedom and independence/autonomy. Firstly, I will present Athens and Sparta generally. However, with Sparta’s ignorance towards foreign people, the results of the war were worse than the war itself. The Plateans were very happy under the Athenian rule. Class Sparta featured a strong year-round army of hoplites that was adept at fighting on land. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This war took place in Greece and, unpredictable turbulence. The two texts of the “Clouds” by Aristophanes and “History of the Peloponnesian war” by Thucydides, although contextually divergent, are actually conceptually convergent. I'm a student in training to become a historian. More.. What Are The Cause And Effect Of The Peloponnesian Wars . It became a very strong trading power because it was located next to the Mediterranean Sea, so they also had a Mediterranean, Peloponessian War Both of these wars affected Greek history. Although the conflict lasted for 28 years, and caused huge economic, political, and societal problems for both Athens and Sparta as well… The aggressive policies of Athens did not help the … These works are of course Thucydides’, The History of the Peloponnesian War and Plato’s Symposium, and the man discussed is the Athenian giant, Alcibiades of the Alcmaeonidae. Date While the breakdown of traditional values in the “History of the Peloponnesian war” is presented in a more metaphorical. Change ). [7]  While these innovations were forward-thinking and arguably necessary for a time of such turmoil, they went against the practice of Greek culture and history as military service was no longer necessarily attached to both citizenship and land ownership. [5]  These men could be hired for valuable flaking maneuvers all the way through the ranks from light infantry to generals. There were several differences in the militaries of Sparta and Athens. Most Athenian citizens, however, were not soldiers, but the navy of Athens was, The large amount of fatalities in Athens caused the Athenian military to be greatly outnumbered by the forces of the Peloponnesian League. This happened due to the discontentment of Macedonia with Athens decision to raze the city of Corinth to ground. The peloponnesian war between these two states evolved out of a string of events that would lead to years of conflict. Name Peloponnesian War refers to the war fought between Athens and Sparta's Peloponnesian League. Corinth maintained colonies, such as Corcyra and Epidamus. O It strengthened democracy in Athens, but it stopped the spread to the city-states. I believe the peloponnesian war evolved, Throughout the Ancient Greek world, there have been many wars and standoffs. The Greeks were proud, and valued honor almost above all else. was home to the city-states of Sparta and Athens. This series of defeats, both on land and at sea, eventually led to Sparta’s victory in a final battle in 405 B.C.E., which was located near Hellespont. Corcyra was irritated by Corinth’s interference and so they sent their superb naval army and destroyed Corinth.      When looking for a single cause of the peloponnesian war none can be found. Thucydides suggests that this power was the underlying cause of the war.      Ancient Greece during the 4th century B.C. Athens is the capital of Greece and also was its largest city. [3], The military revolution referred to the fact that a new phenomenon was sweeping Greece, and while Sparta especially had focused all of their time and energy on creating a strong heavy infantry, changes were coming that would make their brute strength less imposing. Character Analysis Of The Hanging Garden By Toshiaki Toyoda. The roots of the Peloponnesian war can be traced long before 431 BCE, when it officially started, During The Peloponnesian War, Sparta was able to dominate Athens and win the war. These two cities are very close to each other yet they are very different. I have been fascinated by history, politics, religion and philosophy for my whole life, and seeing all of those topics intersect in so many interesting ways throughout history is fascinating to research, learn and explore.

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