These pasteurization time/temperature parameters are designed around FDA established pathogen kill requirements and FDA guided safety margins. Juice that is considered “concentrate” has undergone a process to remove the water from it, leaving the flavorful solution behind. Yes. A:  Simply Orange Juice Company is headquartered in Apopka, Florida. They are washed and ready to be eaten. DO YOUR BEVERAGES CONTAIN GLUTEN (A PROTEIN FOUND IN WHEAT AND OTHER GRAINS)? Small amounts of juice and peel oil, We plant seeds bred for their sweet taste, small core, and optimal color/vitamin content. From the very beginning, the company was known for quality and innovation. The vast majority of fruit and vegetable juices sold in the United States are pasteurized to kill potentially harmful bacteria during the manufacturing process, according to the FDA. Managers like to know which products their customers are interested in purchasing, and sometimes the store is able to request the product from their sales center. Do your prefer mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, or green bean casserole? "I thought the acid in juice would kill any bacteria that might be present. SHOULD I KEEP BOLTHOUSE FARMS® CARROTS IN THE FRIDGE? Yes. Any source of gluten will be clearly labeled on the packaging per FDA labeling regulations. Plus, there are some bacteria that are very resistant to acid. Ninety-eight percent of the juice sold in the U.S. is pasteurized (heat is applied to the juice to kill harmful bacteria). Please visit the "Dressings" section of our website for detailed nutritional information on both our Yogurt Dressings and Olive Oil Vinaigrettes. Currently, our dressings not contain gluten or gluten containing ingredients. Careful selection and handling of these foods will prevent foodborne illness. Any product that has added sugar will have it listed in the ingredients list. Plastic bottles are easy to lift, handle, and pour. While most people’s immune systems can usually fight off the effects of foodborne illness, children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems (such as transplant patients and individuals with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or diabetes) risk serious illnesses or even death from drinking untreated juices. Bolthouse Farms does not add any preservatives to its carrots. Once this occurs, these bacteria are nearly impossible to wash out. The juice is gently pasteurized to ensure safety, but minimally as possible to preserve taste. HOW DO YOU CLEAN YOUR CARROTS WHEN THEY COME OUT OF THE FIELD. You can sign in to vote the answer. Occasionally we have coupons to share and when we do, we'll post an update on our, A: The quickest way to get in touch is to call 1-800-871-2653. Pasteurization will remove any little monsters, but as soon as you open the cap, or break the seal on the juice, air gets in. I wouldn't leave a juice … For your safety and that of your baby, always read the labels to make sure juice is pasteurized. Are they safe to drink while I'm pregnant?" Isn't all juice pasteurized?" We choose to make our dressings with yogurt so we can make creamy dressings while limiting fat and calories. They were pasteurized, but not sterilized. Avocado Green Goddess, Coleslaw, Honey Mustard, Creamy Roasted Garlic, Classic Ranch, Organic Roasted Reds, Salsa Ranch, Salsa Verde Avocado, Sweet Heat Sriracha. What is done with the labels after they are washed off will vary by recycling location and market demand. Glass is heavier and can break much easier than the PET plastic used in our dressings. Our juice must be kept refrigerated below 41°F at all times. You may want to check with the manager of the store where you normally shop. Simply Juices. Lastly, the front and back labels on all sizes are specifically designed to wash off of the packages during the recycling process so they do not contaminate the high-value #1 PET recycle stream. If the product label does not identify specific dates or times, the appearance and smell may indicate whether the product remains fresh. People at Risk of Foodborne Illness, Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts, Food Safety for Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Babies, Food Safety for Older Adults and People with Cancer, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Organ Transplants, and Autoimmune Diseases, Fruits, Veggies and Juices from Food Safety for Moms to Be. Stores are probably more interested in offering their customers juices at a variety of these stages than they are in being part of a marketing conspiracy. Pasteurization will remove any little monsters, but as soon as you open the cap, or break the seal on the juice, air gets in. No, acid doesn't always kill bacteria, often it only slows or stops bacterial growth. Don't use soap, detergents, or bleach solutions to wash produce. Because our baby-cut carrots are peeled, they are more susceptible to drying out and may turn white and chalky. DO YOU ADD PRESERVATIVES TO YOUR CARROTS? because heat causes the sugars in the juices to start to break down and ferment. Consuming dangerous foodborne bacteria will usually cause illness within 1 to 3 days of eating the contaminated food. "Smoothies" made with pasteurized juice are safe to drink. No. Visit our corporate site. But you can also contact us via the ". Pasteurized juice can be found in the refrigerated or frozen juice sections of stores. launch of Simply Orange in 2001, our not-from-concentrate orange juice has never contained added water, sugar or preservatives and is gently Try to cut away damaged or bruised areas - bacteria can thrive in these places. A: Delivering the gold standard in fresh, pure taste is important to us at the Simply Orange Juice Company. crab, lobster, or shrimp), tree nuts (i.e. The fridge also retards deterioration of the flavor, color, and texture of many foods. You can find pasteurized or otherwise treated products in your grocers’ refrigerated sections, frozen food cases, or in non-refrigerated containers, such as juice boxes, bottles, or cans. Juice products may also be treated by non-heat processes for the same purpose. To enjoy the freshest taste, it's best to drink Simply Juices and Simply Drinks before the expiration date and when it has been stored chilled. Fresh fruits, veggies, and juices taste good and are good for you. Yes! Cook sprouts thoroughly. After harvesting, This significantly reduces the risk of illness. Once opened, they will need to be kept refrigerated. Green Goodness, Daily Greens, Strawberry Parfait Breakfast Smoothie, Peach Parfait Breakfast Smoothie and Blueberry Banana Almondmilk are not gluten free. Contact MedWatch, FDA’s Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program. Juices that are fresh-squeezed and sold by the glass, such as at farmer's markets, at roadside stands, or in some juice bars, may not be pasteurized, or otherwise treated to ensure their safety. They are harvested a bit premature, cut into 2 inch pieces and peeled. Thanks! However, some grocery stores, health food stores, cider mills, farmers’ markets, and juice bars sell packaged juice that was made on site that has not been pasteurized or otherwise treated to ensure its safety. A: While it isn't possible to send out coupons upon request, you may find offers, coupons or specials in your local newspaper. Unpasteurized juice should be kept in the refrigerator at all times, and you should put back into a fridge as soon as you're done with it. Since we use fresh yogurt as the base for our dressings, our dressings have less oil and fat than many other refrigerated creamy dressings. It depends on the temperature and humidity. From time to time, we distribute coupons to our retail customers. How long does the product last once opened? The remaining 2% of juice is unpasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria. Depending on the time of year, juice is either chilled and safely stored for future use to retain great taste and quality or sealed in our unique carafes for delivery to you. New York, im eating cupcakes, reeses cups, twinkies, and chcolate milk any thoughts??

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