What are the standard furniture dimensions you should keep an eye out for? / How to measure furniture Dimension explanations. Sofas: Measure the width (A) and diagonal depth (B). Usually from the front of the seat cushion to the back-most part of the frame. Once you know bed or couch dimensions, for example, you can start designing the layout for any given room with a better idea of how the pieces will fit. Dimensions for cabinets and furniture have been standardized over the years to fit the average size person. Overall Length The length from outside arm to outside arm. The diagonal depth of the sofa can be determined by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (do not include pillows) to the front of the arm. While you can customize furnishing to fit your own personal needs, here’s a list of commonly used dimensions to help you when planning your next project. Or, contact one of our design consultants to find out what design options and furniture styles are available for you. It makes the process of arranging furniture easier when you know those standard measurements before you buy. Measure your furniture (or ask a store associate to measure for you). Follow these easy tips and watch a step-by-step video to see how to measure your furniture like a pro. Overall Depth From the front-most point to the back-most point. how to measure for furniture delivery . It's a must to take proper measurements to ensure your furniture will not only fit in your space, but also to ensure it fits through all of the passageways upon delivery. Download the following PDF from Bassett Furniture to find the right measurements for your home. Most furniture is manufactured to standard measurements.

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