Here are some troubleshooting steps you should follow when you're dealing with a problematic fryer. If the cable isn’t, then reinsert it. Working with hot oil can be daunting, but if you follow our top tips for deep-frying safely, you can avoid accidents in the kitchen. Fryer Fix: Use the thermostat to check the fryer oil temperature. View all posts by busyCHEF Blog, Your email address will not be published. If the cable isn’t, then reinsert it. Listen to the oil filtration pump when the fryer is on. If it doesn’t stay set to the temperature you’d like, the thermostat may be out of calibration, its wires might be disconnected or it could need replaced entirely. $81.37 each ($0.43/fl oz) Add to list. The air circulation also blocks when you have your food clustered together. These are some of the most common issues with commercial fryers. Now to the overheat or reset safety switch and the most likely cause for it to trip out: When emptying your deep fat fryers, whether gas or electric, we all know it is easier to drain the oil when it is warm. To reflect your latest upgrade, you decide to acquire a new kitchen tool as the cooking geek you are. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. Common Commercial Deep Fryer Faults and Fixes, 7 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Free of Pests, 5 Deep Fryer Problems (and the Simple Solutions). Fire extinguishers can be found at amazon or at a local home improvement store. So whenever you try out a new recipe on your air fryer, ensure to pay regular checks on the food. This problem occurs when you cook foods that contain a lot of fats. The solution is quite easy. This problem is due to an electrical problem. The drain valve must be closed, otherwise the open valve will trigger a switch that prevents the pilot light from engaging. At night they come back with a bag of having frozen chops. You purchase a quality air fryer with a chic look. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They deliver fantastic frying results with minimal oil usage and no greasy mess at all. Have a look at this really helpful video from our friends at Lincat. Easy – right? I want you to have a restaurant that you can be proud of, which is why I made this blog. Ovens do not get this kind of. This problem is always a resultant effect of trying out an oven recipe with an air fryer. Remove the oil (the heat absorbing load if you like) and the metal components can no longer dissipate the latent heat through the oil so they heat up. Make sure the oil has cooled (approximately 2 hours) and then empty the oil from the oil reservoir into another container or bottle. Have a look at this really helpful video from our friends at Lincat. You can also try another, straightforward solution. Your fryer suddenly goes off while you are still cooking. This is the temperature an oil can be heated to before it smokes and burns. If you're only seeing flames on one side of the burner or you aren't seeing all of the orifices light the way that they should, it may be a sign that some of the burner orifices are clogged. You'll have to have the seals and rings replaced for proper function. If your deep fryer fault isn’t listed, rest assured you can contact us 24/7. 7. You should be aware of the safety and the health hazard before purchasing an air fryer. Keep the kitchen a child-free zone while deep-frying. Clogged filters will prevent oil from flowing. Most deep fryers aren't cool to the touch when heated, so it's important to keep your surrounding space clear. Whatever you do, don’t take this matter into your own hands. Particularly wet foods should be patted dry with kitchen paper before frying. Save up to 12% when you buy more. The truth of the matter is that the air fryer will always be a chic kitchen tool. Most deep fryers should already come with this basic safety feature, however, there are some that do not. It should remain disconnected until the problem gets a solution. This can result in the overheat thermostat being activated, which is why your fryer won’t switch on. Its best to own a deep fryer with a break away cord just to ensure it doesn't tip over if the cord is tripped up by something or someone. To see the full range of electric and gas deep fat fryers on the Busychef website click here. A manufacturer’s warranty offer will come in handy in this situation. Always read labels, warnings and directions before using or consuming a product. If not, just relocate it as it should be, and the fryer should start up. Follow the guidelines on the cleaning manual. This can result in the overheat thermostat being activated, which is why your fryer won’t switch on. If these do not work, place the fryer carefully below the extractor fan hood of your stove. ... 32 product ratings - Professional-Style Electric Deep Fryer Cooker Home Countertop Basket Fries 2 L. $49.87. Well, they will if your cleaning hygiene is not sound enough. Finding great components for your restaurant dishes could mean the difference between a successful business and a place that struggles to survive on a week-to-week basis. Test the oil temperature with a probe-style thermometer. Kitchen nightmare indeed! However, some oils aren't meant to heat up that high. Some parts are washable using a dishwasher. At the same time, you are advised to take necessary safety precaution while handling the appliance. Disposing your oil properly can become a safety hazard if done wrong. The final course is to get a new air fryer. The cooking for air fryers is through hot air distribution. If it is running, you should be able to see the oil circulation. The intensiveness of an air fryer will leave you with nothing but a burned or overcooked meal. You'll be able to see wear on the O-rings if they're deteriorating. That being said, it's still good to have a sense on what to do if something unexpected happens. If the motor starts correctly, watch the pump run for a bit. Inside the deep fat frying hot oil burns and for this many persons get admission into the hospital in the UK. In case you need to repair the air fryer, you should better send it to the customer service center. It will keep you safe from the accident. Was the old oil changed for new? Lastly, you do not want to cause your deep fryer to overfill. Here are some troubleshooting steps you should follow when you're dealing with a problematic fryer. Instant Pot Duo 60 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker, 6 qt. Fryer Fault: Temperature Won’t Stay Controlled. 6. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In addition to regular fryer inspection and oil cleaning, you can reference your owner’s manual to troubleshoot and keep your deep fryer running efficiently. In an emergency situation, you can go to a reliable repair service solution. This situation is one of Power Air Fryer XL problems. Problem 2: Black Smoke Coming Out Of The Air Fryer. Under no circumstances tape the reset button down or ask your KP to keep his/her finger on it until service ends. 4.7 out of 5 stars 7,635. And what restaurant owner or kitchen manager wants that? What do you do next? eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'fryerly_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',123,'0','0'])); What Do I Do When My Power XL Air Fryer Not Going Off? 98 $109.52 $109.52 5. Do that often to make sure you do not have an overcooked or burned food. If the oil catches fire, turn off the heat and smother the flames with a lid, large baking tray or a fire blanket – or use a fire extinguisher, if you have one. If it doesn’t stay set to the temperature you’d like, the thermostat may be out … Your fryer suddenly goes off while you are still cooking. That will keep the food firm through the cooking time.You can also make use of wooden toothpicks to help your food stay on the air fryer while you cook. Lets be honest, operating a pot of oil sitting above 300° F can be extremely dangerous, especially if you're doing thing wrong, or simply do not know what to do if something goes wrong. Most foods won't pop too much in the deep fryer, as long as you dry it as much as possible before deep frying, however, some foods simply can't be avoided.

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