I don’t think 4 seconds would have helped me much. facility in Alaska. the ¾ cup of liquid) and that would make the price per pound for the beef LostVegas, purchased on November 21, 2020. God decides when it’s canning season and there’s no way to spread out the work. By comparison, Kirkland canned roast beef is fantastic stuff. The ruptured road has already been repaired. I can eat my wifes Spanish rice and potatoe salad every day. Fully cooked–Ready to eat; All Natural–No MSG or other preservatives; No water added. Had we tossed all the food that was close or passed expiration, we would have wasted a lot of food. This was written by a very hardcore vegan who is into raw foods because of the nutrition-lowering effects of cooking. Most have cans of chicken, tuna, salmon, and turkey. If you don’t believe us there are over 600 glowing reviews on Amazon. PERHAPS some deeply religious people would not eat pork or beef… perhaps lobsters or crabs or shrimp..but Hunger is very powerful motivator.. 3 or 4 days with no food and not due to an illness….or even a week or longer….without food….your stomachs and Will to Live is going to have you eating things you normally would never consider putting in your mouth o as a food source….Insects grubs or other such items. I didn’t hear about a quake, didn’t feel one myself, but I am not too plugged into the news. https://www.walmart.com/ip/2-Pack-Deming-s-Red-Sockeye-Wild-Caught-Alaskan-Salmon-14-75-Oz/974288318. Maybe not okay for little pooch, but we eat the bones in canned salmon anyway and love them. Food Dehydrators are supposed to make food last 25 years. Good reply. Some day I’ll be near a Costco, and I’ll get more. ThoroughlyReviewed is reader-supported. I’ve seen plenty of old timers refusing to eat the institutionalized food served to them over a period of time. Because it is a small town with, probably a small fire department, it could have been a real bad scene. Meat, I sometimes see. It’s important to have a good ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 in your diet. there are people documented eating their own feces. I am still useing my Moms Mirro mattic 8 that she bought in 1953. Forgot all about them. Endocrine disruptors can lead to reproductive cancer, and can cause breasts in men, belly fat, loss of hair, many disorders. I don’t smoke or drink. It does contain sodium nitrate so be careful if you are sensitive to nitrates. The worse canned meat I ever ate was spam made with turkey. It gives me peace to know my family will not have to be vegetarians to survive. But it hasn’t been worth reporting on. © 2014-2020 Copyright Askaprepper. depending on what you are eating. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. can’t right now think of an all–beef product that I have seen lately. Mak63: Yes, We are okay. Thanks for being the guinea pig for that idea and saving the rest of us. actually, that is false. You can precook veggies and make an almost instant stew as well. Historically, it is conservatives, (or at least rural people, and folks who produce their own food), who were the health food nuts, and liberals ate all the crap deliberately put in the food supply to make us sick. This, and packet or two of mayonnaise makes a pretty good chicken salad sandwich. Too many out sick means a shut down. Just heat it up. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Found your reply Tom. ” Hunger is hunger and food is food as long as its not spoiled. Some weeks ago, a kind contributor sent me a whole bunch of canned meat to help see me through the winter. Pressure cookers, when taken care of last forever. They have ground beef, pork, chicken etc as well. Ever head about the plane crash and the survivors in the Andes Mountain? Do it enough times and the metal will break. They produce too much, to ensure they can hit their target barrel numbers. I also have not seen an mention of canned Spinach or other greens or canned Black eyed Peas all ready seasoned… and they had the usual gamut of dried beans. Not bad. “Shhhhh, they don’t know it’s Unicorn Meat.”. I have eaten maybe 6 bars.

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