Select a Country/Region English Morocco English Taiwan - Greater China Hear from Risham, who has always felt that the work she does at P&G is leading to something important–even from Day 1. Malaysia Venezuela English The most popular careers would be CEO, Manager, Accountant, Human Resources, Financial Consultant, and Senior Executive. Ireland English English You’ll see all the ups and downs involved in a career in sales and marketing. Singapore English However, if you’re still unsure and want to test the waters of what working in a corporation would be like, then it’s better to find a generalist internship. You will be working with merchants to onboard them to our platform. English English English France Students who find themselves in an internship here may be commuting over 30 minutes each way. We offer internships at our various locations around the world. Not Coping with Exam Stress? English Republic of Moldova Portugal It’s all a matter of what and where interests you. Things to take into consideration are the language barriers, for one. All from Day 1. Or let’s say that you have an interest in the non-profit sector; countries in developing regions of the world like Central America, Africa, and Asia would have lots of opportunities. Colombia Costa Rica English Many internship employers will end up hiring you after you complete your program successfully. Switzerland We have a diverse team and provide career growth opp... *THIS IS FOR FALL INTERNSHIP. English Thailand Denmark English Saudi Arabia Being a business consulting intern can be applied to many fields, like marketing, human resources, management or accounting. Slovakia Russia It’s also a great and worthwhile adventure. An internship is an official program that an employer offers to employees, most commonly directed to recent graduates or those nearing the end of their degree. If you’re still studying, speak with a college advisor to see if they have an internship database or if they can help you find one. Italy English Serbia Ethiopia On-the-job practical work experience is just as if not more valuable as what you studied in school. Azerbaijan The main goal of an internship is for the student/graduate to gain practical work experience or research-related experience in the field they studied and want to continue a career in. You would gain skills such as project management, managing and optimizing event budgets and promoting special functions. Kosovo And most employers look for a few years of experience, so an internship in event planning would gain you a lot of needed experience. One of the best ways to test the waters is with an internship. Remember, a business internship doesn’t have to be done in your hometown. Business administration students may have a general idea of that they want to do, but deciding on a profession can take time and experience. Dominican Republic For related job titles such as business intern. Position : Business Analyst Duration : Long Term Individuals in this position have demonstrated experience in the standard concepts, practices and deliverable related to Business Analysis in support of Software Development Projects. English English Belgium Bulgaria Learn more about Simin’s exciting internship which took her to Bangkok for two months! **THIS IS INTERNSHIP FOR COLLEGE COURSE CREDIT. Understands how t... About Jani ConsultancyJani Consultancy is a Corporate Financial Consulting firm dedicated to assisting enterprises in implementing alternative growth capital funding solution strategies.ResponsibilitiesResearch and compile USA and India-based grants,... Job Information Geico Business Leadership Internship - Woodbury, NY in Woodbury, New York Business Leadership Internship - Woodbury, NY Woodbury, New York, United States at JetPack Business Intern Job DescriptionAbout JetPackJetPack transforms ideas into startups, and startups into industry leaders. English English English English Help us match you to employers! Iran There are many types of internships available to business majors. This is an UNPAID internship opportunity.A letter of recommendation and/or college credits will be provided at the end of the internship.CHOYCES (Creatively Helping Our Youth Conquer Education & Success) is a for-profit organization that provides... Ichor Strategies’ Brooklyn Office is looking for a qualified junior or senior to intern with our business development team! English Lithuania Philippines Take some time to look through the thousands of companies who are hiring interns in New York, New York. You’ll need to already have pretty good problem-solving skills and the internship will allow you to improve on them even more. An internship is a great way to get your hands dirty and get a feel of the job before you invest too much time into it. English Jordan A product marketing internship teaches you the basics of marketing, involving the collection of data on market trends, analyzing and interpreting feedback on the product of the company you’re working with, and studying the marketing strategies of the company’s competitors. English English An internship in sales and marketing is probably going to be in a smaller company or startup where the roles tend to be combined. English Here are some examples that might inspire you: There are lots of methods in which students and recent graduates look for internships. Luxembourg To see all available internships, click here. English English. Let’s not forget the good old method of searching online. We’re very proud that students from around the world perceive P&G as an employer of choice for business & engineering. Germany Tajikistan English One of the more traditional types of internships for business students is in corporate offices in the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, product research, and so on. India You’ll learn the skills of marketing as well as how to sell a product, either to consumers or to other businesses. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE INTERNSHIP POSTING BEFORE APPLYING. Chile Spain English We will go through the popular ones and give you an idea of what you would likely be doing, what skills can be learned, and what career options are available. We build leaders from Day 1. Each Internship has different start and end dates.

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