2015-10-14T10:55:35+01:00 A satisfaction survey at end of the session, Role-play sessions between salespeople at end of session plus a field observation checklist for the sales manager, A self-administered behavioural assessment checklist for the sales manager to complete for each salesperson. Before you became the sales manager, you were known as the "king of closers". You are going to learn about many ethical terms and rules, it doesn't matter even if you don't get many things right. Multiple choice questions. Velasquez }윍:7x�t�xa�7O�N �;>,`���7� �>���/C�3�T� ��x~�i�Ҙ�(��q=\,�貌��Ϗ�㺉ґ�T??? A common way for a salesperson to exhibit unethical behaviour is to: Blow the whistle on a co-worker cheating on expenses, Record a sales order before the deal is completely signed off, Ask a sales manager for advice on dealing with a pushy customer, Not spending 100% of the per-diem expense allowance for food while on the road, Ignore the behaviour of another salesperson in the office who is behaving unethically, Booking a doctor's appointment during work hours. A key challenge for salespeople to develop character in today's business environment is: Many companies only focus on the end result, The laws governing marketing and sales activities are lacking, Sales managers don't care about salespeople, Customers will still buy from salespeople they don't trust. This is good example of ethical behaviour by a salesperson: Promising a buyer that your own company will buy from them if you get the deal, Taking your customer on trips to Las Vegas, Pointing out that a competitor has unethical salespeople, Omitting the mandatory shipping cost from a price quote, Being truthful about competitors and focusing on your own solutions. What would be the best evaluation approach for this program? adobe:docid:indd:676f7c6d-5e28-11dd-943d-ea3289e4b8fd Improve Critical Thinking - Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases provides summaries of basic ideas discussed within the text in its margins; presents conceptual materials first, and then offers discussion cases second through standardized chapters; all providing students the chance to critically think about the material they are learning. The highest compliment a manager can pay an employee is to describe the employee as_____. Multiple choice answer sheet Black pen Pearson BTEC (QCF) ML-3-15 PT 2015 – Practice Test Time: 60 minutes Principles of Leadership and Management Level 3 – F/506/2596. Pearson offers affordable and accessible purchase options to meet the needs of your students. Note: your demo centre is not being used.  | 80 pp, What Every Student Should Know About Study Skills ������Q�S� �������#�Q�I�[w���<1��4v. Your browser either does not support scripting or you have turned scripting off. Your reps have been selling the same product for two years and they know their customers and competitors. The ethical landscape of business is constantly changing, and the new edition of Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases has been revised to keep pace with those changes most effecting business: accelerating globalization, constant technological updates, proliferating of business scandals. One suggested way of minimizing the need for complaints is to attempt to look at decisions from the _________ point of view. Pearson's Reading Hour Program for Instructors. Stern ON THE EDGE: Employment at Will at Howmet Corporation? Answer choices in this exercise appear in a different order each time the page. Business Law I Final Multiple Choice Quibblo com. You could not on your own going similar to books increase or library or borrowing from your contacts to gain access to them. 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This unethical practice is called: A provincial consumer protection practice that helps curb unethical selling practices by salespeople is: Provide the sales manager with some additional coaching, Apologize to the sales team and customers, Fire the sales manager and explain the decision to the sales team, Do nothing. An ideal way to measure the success of a new product features-and-function training tutorial session would be to: Written test at the end of the training session, Written test two weeks after the training session, A satisfaction survey at the end of the session, A satisfaction survey two weeks after the session. Observational in-field training conducted by sales manager while on calls with reps, Classroom lecture by a motivational speaker. One suggested way of minimizing the need for complaints is to attempt to look at decisions from the _____ point of view. Your sales training team has developed a new sales process training session that will be delivered in a classroom setting. Note: results are way off and the pressure is on to meet this quarter's sales objectives. Good organizational citizenship behavior consist of all of the following. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Southwest Airlines' Competitive Advantage, Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Ethics, Ethics' Influence on Business & Economics, Reviewing Ethical Solutions in Business Management, Handling Ethical Issues in Business Management, Supervisors & Vicarious Liability for Sexual Harassment, Ethical Issues for Technology in Businesses, Business Ethics in Contemporary Businesses, Measuring Fair Value of Assets & Liabilities with Fair Value Concepts, Liabilities From Exit or Disposal Activities, Carrying Amount of Fair Value Investments, Valuation Methods to Establish Fair Value, Ethics & Risk Management for Rehab Counselors, Diverse Workforce Management in Contemporary Organizations, CA Supervisory Sexual Harassment Training, How Customer-Specific Factors Impact Investment Choices, Types of Negative Messaging in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environments, Impact of Sexual Harassment & Abuse on Adolescent Development, How Business Decisions Impact Stakeholders, Workplace Diversity & Company Productivity, Evaluating Diversity & Inclusion in Management Practices, Threat Rigidity & Organizational Behavior, Strategic Planning for Workplace Inclusion, How to Manage Ethical Behavior in the Workplace, Legal & Ethical Communication in Organizations, Quid Pro Quo vs. Practice now and certify!  | 96 pp, What Every Student Should Know About Avoiding Plagiarism Customers are refusing to buy, due to objections planted by the competitor. The highest compliment a manager can pay an employee is to describe the employee as_________. Everyone is busy and no-one wants to give up prime selling time. m�̰j��Ydh)k�d��TΑ��4�� ���J.tm�Yܤ��H�QE��[�`�TC+Cee��"J��6��hM��L���(Q�U:�HL(i�9*M���9�Y3�Dk���Y+p��1T6:2+�^�.k��8���#� ���Lb2��H��P=�STn��]�����T����`C�����]�F��-k4q&jM²�Ƀ͏|��uϻ�l��nu�?MA��Y��ʚJ�q*��[�.V��;I�OS�����`ajۮU�{�y���'ٹm�.�!�4�X�ڋR��Z���oe6_��-PF�Y�q��E�aMO�VGy�3ԛqQ��nݷU\�@��O1'Kt-w��׻C�=��^(S1�Hx�L}�����>�B�Er�5�$D�Ħ�'���;�6ոn��B�|��O���;���i��o�����_�l�]eÝ��?�{��L��g��a���.gV��ځ�����en��< Z �=KN�^�Ɨ���ltl��)�I!+��m�RJ���Ti��cU�x`Û������a��� K12 Educators: Contact your Savvas Learning Company Account General Manager for purchase options. A salesperson gives a customer a gift before a major deal to thank the customer for past business.

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