Find me on Twitter at The Volume knob is located on the front of the microphone and it controls the volume of your headphones. Talk into the front of the Yeti, not the top, and be about 4 fingers away to have the best sounding voice quality. Blue Mix-Fi headphones and Yeti USB microphone One of the most common problems people face when using an external microphone for Zoom meetings or Skype calls is a repetitive echo. Blue Yeti Sound Test and six tips for getting the best sound out of your Blue Yeti Microphone! It looks like a little heart/butt/Pacman. This should reduce echo and peaking for a stable audio signal. Step 2: Set it to Cardioid. Check out the latests price, reviews and details on the Blue Yeti at Amazon here: ATR 2100 (Dynamic USB mic alternative): Boom Stand that I use with my Blue Yeti: up a Pop Filter: Yeti-specific Shock Mount: was not sponsored by or paid by Blue for this video- I purchased my Blue Yeti microphone with my own money back in 2013 and I've used it ever since. After all, this preparation does not forget to wear your headphones at the time of recording. Have a pop filter if you can to reduce the plosives from your P's, B's, T's, K's etc. Hi! Of course, every table has one. Auch wenn ich von meiner Person nicht auf Andere schließen kann und sollte, bleibt es dennoch völlig unverständlich, wie einem beim Zocken ein Kabel auf den Keks gehen kann... Ich kann mich im Umkreis von 50cm wunderbar bewegen. Das wär auch nicht so meins. level 1. Make sure the Yeti is selected in your computer audio settings for input and output. It ‘s just that you should know how to record it and use it in a great manner. Now that we are secured from the top and bottom make sure that the backside of the mic is also covered. This isn't the ideal way to record for radio-style use - a single mic per speaker is the best way to go, as you can keep some distance between them, and invariably get a better vocal pick-up. You can frame Blue Yeti as a piece of magical equipment. Which one should I use? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ich nehme mal an, den TE hat es v.a. Required fields are marked *. Should I use Mono or stereo? If you have thoroughly accomplished the two phases above, then your voice should be velvety, smooth, and up-close to the ears. Step 1: Turn the Gain down or almost all the way down. 2)And Why do I have to select either left or right for mono?? Blue Yeti Sound Test and 6 Tips for Setting up the Blue Yeti … Das Kabel des Tischmikrofons lässt sich mit ein wenig herumprobieren relativ gut legen, dass es nicht in die Quere kommt. Adjust Your Windows Volume. If you use a Yeti stereo mic, then it has two capsules in it, and when placing the results in a mono track, you have to decide which one you are going to use. Im 2. Eine etwas bessere Alternative in dem Preisbereich wäre zum Beispiel das AT 2020 USB, das auch ein bisschen feiner auflöst. As for the recording itself, then use Multitrack, 'None', and Stereo 44.1k 32-bit. It records every piece of music with precision with fantastic quality. It was super easy, right? This website can become your informative source of Mic Stands & Boom Arms, Microphone Clips, Shock Mounts, Thread Adapters & Fittings, and lots more. Tracking: Wir und unsere Partner verarbeiten personenbezogene Daten, indem wir mit auf Ihrem Gerät gespeicherten Informationen (z. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Now how to decide the distance? Various streamers have reported separate audio results, depending on the volume level. This is to avoid the sound from the surrounding. Not the end of it. See pictures below. best. They do have a big drawback of being overly … save. Look up tutorials and see what effects you like. Whatever happens, this won't be so easy to balance up after the event - which is the huge advantage of using two mono mics onto two separate tracks. If you use a Yeti stereo mic, then it has two capsules in it, and when placing the results in a mono track, you have to decide which one you are going to use. Du hast das Micro aber schon im Cardioid Modus geschaltet oder? I read an article where it is recommended to use always Mono even if two people are talking in the podcast. Click the Output tab, and select Yeti Stereo Microphone under Select a device for sound output. Step 4: Get it off your desk! Hallo liebe Community, ich bin neu hier und hoffe das mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. If you are a struggler or learner, then spending a lot on equipment for the recording sound is of no use. report. thank you for your help, I appreciate it a lot. Step 4.) 2) Connect Yeti to your computer and connect your headphones to the Yeti. Skype, Zoom, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, etc. einfach nur ein hype ausgebrochen ist. Whilst it will look the same as the other tracks initially, if you hover the mouse over the right hand knob of the two in the control panel, you'll spot a difference; the mono track control will say 'Pan' and the stereo one will say 'balance'. The Blue Yeti mic belongs to the condenser type of microphones. For a single voice you will want to choose the cardioid setting. The Blue Yeti is plug and play with Windows and MacOS so when I say setup, I mean physically setting things up right! If you need to turn it way down (until it's too quiet) to eliminate background noise, you can compensate by raising the input gain in your computer. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is highly popular, but its sensitivity can overwhelm you. Damit keine Nebengeräusche übertragen werden, brauchst du entweder so was wie das Antlion Mic (welches dir nicht gefallen hat), ein ClipOn-Mic um an deinem Shirt festzuklemmen, oder eben ein Tischmikrofon mit möglichst engem Radius. ComputerBase Pro ist die werbefreie, schnelle, flexible und zugleich faire Variante von ComputerBase. Keep power cords away from the microphone and usb cable. I make these videos full time now. So, I have decided to dig deeper and explain various accessories related to mics. /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/td-p/10493638, /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/m-p/10493639#M17612, /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/m-p/10493640#M17613, /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/m-p/10493641#M17614, /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/m-p/10493642#M17615, /t5/audition/blue-yeti-settings-for-audition/m-p/10493643#M17616. To set up your Blue Yeti microphone to sound clear and smooth, here are the six steps I recommend. It records every piece of music with precision with fantastic quality. If you only have one, and people are sat fairly close to it, then it really won't make a lot of odds. So podcasters, now you must have got a way to make blue yeti sound better. A boom stand or clamp arm with a shock mount will go a long way towards cleaning up your microphone sound from the Blue Yeti. Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. Ouch, the mic! Your support and donations keep me going. I use Bass and Treble boost, Compressor and Normalizer to keep my audio recordings around the same volume level for YouTube. This video (and the past 800 videos or so on my channel) showcase a sound test example of what the Blue Yeti mic can sound like when set up with good conditions. Besuche ComputerBase wie gewohnt mit Werbung und Tracking. Also, you can use the blue yeti mic for gaming and game chat. I know the 'before/after' example in the video isn't jaw dropping, but the difference gets more dramatic if your initial recording has background noise to remove. If your gain is down all the way, try setting your Windows volume to 100. Blue Yeti is a memorable name that continually pops up when shopping for a microphone. Ich kenn das Yeti per se nicht, aber es ist bei Youtube Videos fast immer davon auszugehen, dass die Aufnahmen noch bearbeitet wurden. As in my final sentence above - no it doesn't! All rights reserved. Updated: 5 days ago. It's a heavy bird though so don't cheap out on an arm stand!Step 5: Don't forget the pop filter. I am Ruth Hull. Im trying to record a podcast episode using the Multitrack sessions Podcast template. This will give you six stereo tracks to play with, and anything else you need to do can be added later.

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