I never use steel wool. I've tried a handful of 'wonder oils', and outside of M=Pro7, I've not really been impressed with one or more qualities in each one tried. This is the same process you’ll use for all your firearms, it’s just the disassembly and where you lube will be different from one gun to another. For instance, a single 2 oz. It is a premium white carnauba and beeswax finish that offers incredible results on gun bluing, hand-rubbed or polished stocks, stainless as well as nickel firearms. It protects bare metal from corrosion and oxidative residue from your hands. The oil can be used on other metal products. In the end, you have to decide what you’re looking for, and how much effort vs cost you’re willing to accept. There are many different lubricants but for guns, they operate under two types of lubrication regimes which are boundary lubrication and hydrodynamic lubrication. Remember, you’re very, very, very unlikely to really screw up your gun if you just read the package directions for what you’re using, so feel free to experiment a little. A quart of Mobil 1 oil and a tube of Mobil 1 grease is enough to last a lifetime. Now I'm wondering about the value of the rest of the 'familiarization'. (The Williamsburg site is dedicated to separating people from their money, not to education or information). THE OIL THAT COST A FEW BUCKS AT WAL MART OR ANY WHERE ELSE AND 1 BOTTLE WILL LAST FOR YEARS ALL AT A FEW BUCKS. Switched to Tetra Gun OOB411. Commonly available brands include CCL, Trade Secret, and Napier, while Browning Legia spray is quite good for a quick job. This finish includes a degreasing agent that removes fingerprints, oil, gun powder residue, and a lot more. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. A bag of qtips and some bristle brushes and old cut up T-shirts good to go. 's budet at that time was about ten cents a year (there was somewhat serious talk about disbanding the Corps at that time), so cleaning supplies were no existent. This goes double for their oils in the past. There’s a lot of marketing hocus pocus surrounding everything firearms related, but especially gun oil, which isn’t regulated like motor oil and machine oil. Additionally, you will find a section on the buyer’s guide with all the necessary gunstock finish features that you should consider before making your purchases. Thanks for the great story. While that is true, and like most things a “do it all” product isn’t going to be as good as a product that has one job it does well, most modern CLP (Clean, Lube, Protect) products will work just fine for the average shooter, especially when combined with another product here or there. This is one of the best gun lubricating oil products today because it can prevent overheating and jamming on high caliber firearms and machine guns. John:  Good luck on your project. Rubber gloves and eye protection necessary. Mix boiled linseed oil and orange shellac 50/50 and wipe on with a cloth. They used a finish with red in it (a glaze as we would know it), you can buy that stuff from http://www.brownells.com. It is IMPERATIVE to follow up with the grease/alcohol spray and further lubrication. The Ballistol gun oil is biodegradable and eco-friendly. What about a solvent recommendation? Hoppe's #9 is the go-to for lubricating clock movements. This finish is perfect for an individual with more than one gun ready for cleaning and restoring and would love to have something more of a renewing polish to use on their prized assets. 1. This is not just one of the best firearm lubricant around, but it’s also one of the finest oil you can use on the AR 15. IT'S SO SIMPLE REALLY. ... Tru oil cut with Japan Dryer is the BEST. The tranny oil helps break down carbon build up for easier cleaning and the motor oil; well we know what that does. I once got professional bluing results by using a concentrated sodium hydroxide (lye) solution. THAT IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED FOR THE PROTECTION OF THEM. Jim Fuller, formerly at Rifle Dynamics, used to recommend white lithium grease for AK47 lubrication. After several hours, remove the gun and clean it with a brass brush. The formula is versatile as you can use it over many surfaces, Removes rusts, fingerprints and a lot more, Some users reported cases of the finish coming off upon application. Firearms are generally used heavily for short periods of time but spend the majority of their lifespan inactive. Usually, after applying the first finish, it will “freeze,” and sanding whiskers allow for easy removal using 3/0 steel wool, which saves you the long process of steaming and de-whiskering time-consuming. I will try that on small pieces using 1 and 2lb cuts of shellac. You cannot use a finish of any color on your gunstock, as it might spoil the whole project. Prevents spent powder and the air from eating away the metal of the firearm. Everyone wants to ensure that their guns are in the best possible working condition, don’t they? He made his own bluing, I had the formula, I don't anymore. Are you looking for one product that may very well last you a lifetime and will probably do everything you need it to, even if it won’t do it as well as other, more expensive products? No, it's actually pronounced "Hop-eez". That about does it for this one. What a great lead. If your just looking to get a nice stock that is fairly waterproof, use anything but linseed oil. Are you trying to restore a Winchester by any chance? I'm not an operator operating operationally, but Safariland CLP has done yeoman's work for the last few decades for me for my pistols and AR-pattern rifles. Flitz KG 41501 Mixed Knife and Gun Care Kit, What’s more about this finish is that you can use it in the bore without changing the gun’s firing. Feel free to use this formula over all your wooden surfaces from your gun and knife. You will find this formula one of the easiest to use and most straightforward to apply. Tru-oil is very good. I recommend NOT experimenting unless its with a weapon you dont mind damaging. This isn’t that type of site). The lube does an excellent job of reducing the effect of skin oil and sweat on your firearm. Never a problem. So, if you’re walking off into the bush or are an operator operating operationally in some capacity, or just want a product you don’t have to reapply often (even if you should) Mil-Comm TW25B is for you. Overall, this package is affordable and provides the perfect choice for anyone looking to do a “large scale” gun cleaning. You may need to leave it for about 12 hours depending on how rusty your gun is. WIPE DOWN YOUR "METAL" GUNS AND GUN PARTS WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO PUT THEM AWAY AND THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO FOR PROTETECTIVE MEASURES. The mellow shine that you see on old, well-handled guns is produced by years of the oil and friction from the skin, not in a workshop. Snake oil never says what it contains. . Mobil 1 synthetic grease, Mobil 1 synthetic oil (0W-40 or 5W-50), Wipe-Out Bore Foam, Kroil and Breakfree CLP as needed, and Eezox for rust prevention. Even though you may not be able to see it with the naked eye, your firearm has several depressions and tiny cracks. Check out our picks for Best Gun Cleaning Kits. Love it! This method involves physics and chemistry. . Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. You can lube a gun with it, put it away for 20 years, pick it up and it will be ready to go. It will look professional! The U.S.M.C. HOPPES 9 SOLVENT IS OK TO USE IN THE BARREL, BUT PARTS CLEANING ETC SHOULD BE DONE WITH PLAIN CHEAP OLE MINERAL SPIRITS (PAINT THINNER, BUT USE MINERAL SPIRITS AS ITS CHEAPER AND LESS STINKY) WITH A TOOTH BRUSH OR A BRASS BRUSH. YES, THE GUYS IN THE 60'S THAT ARE PROBABLY USING MINERAL OIL ARE RIGHT. The M Pro 7 is slick and thick, and compared to other gun oil products does a better job of sticking onto surfaces better. I hope to refinish it this winter thanks to the info here. Air compressor blowgun to remove left over solvents. First thing I do with a new gun is take it totally apart and strip all the oils and grease with brake cleaner or acetone; any good degreaser, then brush on Militec on all metal parts,Take a blow dryer and heat the parts, then brush on more oil, then I take compressed air and blow the oil in every nook and cranny. Best Three-In-One Gun Oil. Works fantastic. My overall best gunstock finish for this task is. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Field and Stream, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself. AUTHOR STATES HE DOESN'T KNOW AND NOBODY KNOWS WHAT TYPE TO USE. Don't remember much else now but I remember that the bare steel had to be buffed to a high gloss mirror like finish.

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