Hinata loved Neji as a brother, she never saw him as a bad person. He should be right next to Gaara! Naruto would not be as good without Rock Lee and his cheerful antics. He is so direct about his feelings for his friends and allies too; a really caring man.And man, when Shikamaru sets his mind to something; HE DOES IT.Also Shikamaru and Temari's dynamic is so good, Shikamaru cool and all, and I honestly have nothing against but I didn't think he'd make it this far up. So I gave up, then I got saved by a boy like me but he had hope. Minato thought ahead of Naruto and nine tails, and seals 9 tails in his son and put different seals. Sacrificing so much for the village; including his own family... That is beyond sad. He taught his own mentor(Jiraiya)4. he was the youngest Hokage ever5. My favorite character! itachi is a good guy. I really love his neverending ambition to achieve his goals. If you haven't watched Kakashi's backstory, please do. Common guys, he is the cofounders of the akatsuki. Oops, I ranted about Asuma on Shikamaru section. I'm fine with Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and those guys but anyone like hinata is stupid. Tsunade scenes are always really good with her punchy humor and bold personality. He made him the hero. He has truly amazing abilities and is kind of immortal, as he couldn't be killed hut instead SEALED. Kurenai Yuhi Cosplay | Naruto Kurenai Yuhi Cosplay…, Top 10 Strongest Female Characters In Naruto, Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters - Naruto Shippuuden, Sakura Haruno Pictures, Photos, and Images | Best…, Beautiful Images Of Hinata Hyuga | Beautiful Hinata…, Beautiful Woman Pictures | Images and Stock…. She has saved so many lives thanks to her impeccable healing skills, where she proposed that every squad should contain a medical ninja. Did all of you guys forgot when he shinra tense the whole konoha village into dust. I despised how Itachi was given no choice but to do so. Along with you on that team is a person who constantly criticizes you because you have a 'bad' outlook on things. One who played an important role in many missions and incidents which had happened.I liked the lazy behaviour of him and using his mind when needed. He gave Naruto his name. To who ever thinks Sasuke killed Deidara you are wrong it is clearly obvious Deidara sacrificed himself to kill Sasuke (though Sas-gay doesn't deserve it). Lee has charm in his personality and he has been my favorite character ever since I first saw him. Then I died protecting that boy. His ideal was strong and effective (insane thou):walk a mile in each others shoes. The only other "secondary character" who could hold a candle to the code of honor and the respect I give this guy is Itachi, because Itachi was so misunderstood and followed his own ninja way. He lost everyone close to him, but stayed strong. His development and progression from a sweet yet abused child to the cruelest person alive and a sadistic, psychotic, completely insane and absolutely TERRIFYING serial murderer to an amazing philosopher and proud leader of his people with hordes of fangirls is incredible, to say the least. The unsung heroes!The most powerful doujutsu, based on the philosophy of Buddha, representing the omnipresent quality of God (because he is present in multiple places at the same time) with a history that brings pain to your heart. Why was she so underutilized? His name is perfect! As a kid who was all alone; Naruto would most likely be pretty desperate to be noticed; even if it's for bad things. He literally was willing to kill himself to save his friends. Bloody hell. And if that's not enough he resurrected all the ninja he killed afterwards. However, all three of them refused to back down, and stuck to their ninja way. On a side note temari should have been on here. NEJI CHOSEN TO DIE. Lady chiyo said that he wanted to die and if memory serves sakura got sasori's blade running through her gut and collapsed on the floor! You can be sure.As a ninja, after being trained by her brother, she was able to master an extremely difficult jutsu of the HyÅ«ga clan. Naruto is so memorable because of this amazing character. Minato deserves to be higher on this list for several reasons.1. For some people he may be twisted and creepy but for me he is just perfect! And his parents were killed by sakumo Hatake when he was very young, which is what caused him to become cold over time. Huh, that's an interesting thought. I started to lose hope. he dominates in both offense as well as defense and hey not to mention he's a pure genius. He was the best. He's so hot! One of the most introspective characters in the narutoverse he traveled across the world writing and thinking finding himself. Naruto is an anime/manga that is, despite my nostalgic love for the series, littered with poor character writing. Probably one of the most dedicated ninjas in the village wasn't afraid to die for a vital information that would come to be the main reason they defeated Pain. He also had many difficulties in the past, and and with a little help from Naruto and Hiashi, he became the amazing Neji of today. So why is he on 15th place? ).The second issue is that I wanted to see his development as a character continue on as either a villain or on Naruto's side. Hinata Hinata Hyūga is a kunoichi from Konohamaru and is member belong to the Hyūga clan. Her chakra bank is beyong huge. And Sakura did NOT defeat him, he chose to die. She is among the few characters in the series that consistently demonstrates the ideals and values celebrated by Ninja society: the Will of Fire, and staying true to one's Nindo, their Ninja Way. The best three are Itachi, Shikamaru, and Gaara, but even these three have their issues. ...more. In addition to her ninja prowess, Tsunade revolutionized the nation's medical system, saving countless lives in the process. Itachi is overrated because his fandom makes him out to be some sort of paragon which he clearly isn't. Kiba is my favourite! + Probably the first logical villain in terms of his time of appearance.+ He is a badass (Along with his alias of Pain)+ He was part of a resemblance of Team 7 through himself, Yahiko and Konan - making us feel even closer to him as a character.+ He was a student of the amazing pervy sage Jiraiya.+ One of the more notable Uzumakis of the anime aside from Naruto.I only have two small issues with him:The first issue being that I wish he was granted more screentime as I am sure (correct me if I am wrong) he only appeared near the opening of Shippuden and left the scene at Ep 170-Ep 180 (I believe? Other than Gaara. P.S. She is just an angel. I'm not with my parents, though I don't really know them. He acts out much less than he used to as a child.What gets me emotional is that despite being hated by the villagers for hosting Kyuubi; Naruto always did his best for them and never gave up. And her eventual overcoming of her issues is inspirational ...more, What makes Hinata a strong character is something that far surpasses beyond the simple idea her being the kindest of all Naruto characters, which she is. He may not be the best a techniques but he is wild and fearless that's what makes him THE BEST! Isn't that shouting out selfish towards you? I don’t know why nobody talks about this. But after reflecting back on Naruto, I was not happy with how the Uchiha Clan (Particularly Sasuke, Itachi and Obito) get too much sympathy and favouritism, especially from fans and Kishimoto. Good job, Kishimoto. While many people may say that he had over-reacted when Rin died. She saw the true inner strength of naruto before anyone else did. This upset tend me because I didn't particularly like his character or death in the series. I've done about 3 different rants about Sasuke today, so I'm at my end. Blank Period Hinata, at least, because I don't want to be weird. And that's still not mentioning that he sacrificed his life for Hinata and Naruto. This list is really messed up? He is the model of any shinobi in naruto. Hinata, like Naruto and Rock Lee, has always had the most to prove. But out of all the three, I've worried about Sasuke the most. Gaara would have won that fight with deidara if he didn't protect the village but the fact that he did shows his good character. Not only is he powerful but he is also tactiful in his fights( except for when shukaku took over). I love him and that he toughs you to never give up. I'm just going to say it; Itachi is easily the most overrated character in the entire series and one of the most overrated characters in Anime as a whole.I'm not saying Itachi is a bad character. I don't know who all are voting in this thread but seems like they just want to vote for girls who hardly played any part in the series.

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