For any serious and knowledgable guitar connoisseur, Japan is heaven. The ash Tele looks very nice though the elongated headstock makes it look slightly top heavy. While designed on the foundation of traditional single-cutaway electric guitar that features arched solid maple top on mahogany back, deep neck joint and slightly fat neck profile, Bacchus DUKE series also offer unique and classy feel with its hand-rubbed oil finish and selected tonewoods including Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. Only Japan? So I went down and did end up buying the Imperial Pro and I couldn't be happier with it. At least the neck plate spells Beginning correctly, shame the headstock doesn't! The guy at the UK dealer is super helpful but just a long way from me! I live in Florida USA, so I have easy access to many different guitars. they are not well known to Tokai and the older Burny and Greco guitars. 1! as with Tokai and greco, they are a minefield to get into (model names and numbers etc), but they are brilliant guitars. It looks great and the p90s are amazing, they sound absolutely huge and nasty. Because of the action and the silly strings I can't really make a judgement on it yet but it definitely looks great and has great pickups. I went to Japan for a summer study abroad program to study Japanese for a month. I came to Japan looking to buy a Japanese company / Japanese made guitar. I did have to wait about 7 months for it though. I have a Duke Master (les paul with p90s) that arrived yesterday. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Bacchus also has guitars made in China and the Philippines and it is hard to find clear information about specs and years for older guitars so you can say that there is some confusion around the Bacchus brand. One-piece body, all-nitro finish, birdseye neck and light at 3.1 kg. A VERY stiff letter. Closer than Japan I suppose haha! Respect!" It came with a Bacchus rectangular hardcase and Lindy Fralin pickups. The new owner thought the nut was cut a bit high and I think he was right. Perhaps it was a custom order of some kind. I guess nothing is 100% perfect. Wow, lots of replied here, this is great! I don't know why I ever sold this. There are guitars for any budget and each of them is the best it could be. japanese made ones are top notch, asian custom shop grade. At any time, I can go buy a Fender or Squier guitar. Bacchus are cool to me because they are a little bit different to the usual MIJ copies. I bought it new direct from Deviser and ended up selling it for the same price after I had a few too many guitars (is there such a thing?). Strat. They are not in the same league as  Fender custom shop or Tom Murphy work but for the price and quality I think it is pretty decent. That is a very well made instrument, an earlier series when Headway Momose was producing excellent replicas of vintage instruments for export to the US. Cost less than the rest, sounded better (to my ears), and sounded what I thought a Strat should sound like. Has anyone seen one in the flesh? Spending proper cash there sir, at least try before you buy. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Strat. Never played on myself. I came to Japan looking to buy a Japanese company / Japanese made guitar. I'm writing this one specifically for those that can't get access to certain guitar brands. Bacchus has had relic models for several years now and do a decent job. It looks like you're new here. So one step ahead of you Deijavoo. On cardboard.". I'm intrigued by those Seventy Seven guitars that chap also carries. I've had a few strats, teles and LPs over the years and am always tempted when I see a Bacchus classic or vintage series for sale. There have been other threads here and the consensus is the Dukes are very good guitars. I stopped by the guitar shop that was closest to where I was staying and I found my Bacchus. Here is an oil-finished Bacchus vintage series LP. Bacchus Classic Relic and Vintage Series Tele, I wish I knew more about this model. This guitar is unique and this award ... (1300 euros) but so far so good. The finish is unique for me, I finish with brown oil. Yes, it has been almost a year since I posted anything here but no, Aoyama Oyaji is not done yet. Do they not sell these in America? Haven't gigged with it yet, but can't wait to try it loud. The search bar in the top right corner should make it fairly easy. In any case, here are a few examples for reference. With Gotoh hardware, including a top- and bottom-loading bridge with brass saddles, and a Bartolini active circuit alongside a pair of Bacchus single-coil pickups, this bass has benefited from high-quality components and a well-executed construction. I spent weeks going to shops looking for used Greco / Tokai / Edwards / etc. They have been making Gibson and Fender copies and They don't have much recognition outside of Japan and even. But I wanted a strat. I just thought I'd kill two birds with one stone ^_^. This is one of the early Classic Series plaintops. The level of production and choice of wood seems to have a good consistency at bacchus. I do quite like the look of them, although not as much as some other Jap-market stuff I've seen. New Gibson 2020 Les Paul Standard... Counter-sunk strap button. I recently picked up a Bacchus BST-67C in yellow (Strat copy with 70's large headstock, which I'm guessing is MIJ). Got it direct from Japan, it ended up costing me significantly less than it would've done from the UK dealer even after getting stung for VAT and customs. I recommend trying them out. Diviser also makes STR and Momose. wow thanks guys. The neck was fairly thin compared to the more recent LPs. The Duke Standard was incredible, the oil finish felt great and had a really cool relic sort of look, without being actually beaten up. The Bacchus is hand made. They did originally do very accurate copies of both Gibson and Fender, I have 2 Strats and they are fantastic instruments, easily as good as a USA reissue, the newer guitars are a little different, the 'Duke' single cuts look lovely, haven't played one though. I spent weeks going to shops looking for used Greco / Tokai / Edwards / etc. My first impression was that it was very light which put me off it a bit, actually it's just a tiny bit lighter than my Midtown Custom - the guitar I've been playing a lot recently is just very heavy.

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