i love the bike and want to tour as much on it as possible. The ABS works well and I like the dual wheel control for stability. Honda has been listening to their factory riders. Pillion sits high and is exposed to wind so again suitable for short blasts rather than longer distances. The engine is especially effective at delivering incredible performance, thanks to the Honda’s lack of all-up weight (it’s the lightest of all the 600s). From the outside it appears not much has changed, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. New pistons, cylinder head and exhaust system have bolstered torque between 6000-10,000rpm, which makes the engine more flexible on the road. The economy seems similar to the RR7, around 45mpg for me and the ear bleeding exhaust note that I suffered with at 3000rpm on the RR7 whilst driving through the local roads seems to have been muffled on the RR10. Great fun ride and lots of power to keep you interested for years to come. The Honda CB600RR supersports weapon has been given subtle tweaks for 2009, designed to give it more mid-range oomph and a smoother power delivery. Buying experience: Bought from Honda dealer. I'm looking for a single reason to give my 600RR a rating which is less than 5 stars, but I would be doing an injustice because it's just an incredible bike which triggers my emotions to the absolute max. Suspension remains the same – 41mm USD forks to the fore and the Pro-Link shock at the rear – however a longer swingarm and shorter wheelbase aids agility. The HESD electronic steering damper tucked under the tank should take care of this but it doesn’t react at lower speeds, which caught my attention on occasion. Unfortunately generator failed 2 months out of warranty at 15000 miles so loses a star. It's not the best 600cc on the market, but then again I am talking about 2009 model and did no t ride the current model with BPF. This is a machine that loads you with confidence and flatters your riding like a Ducati 1098R. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2007 Honda CBR® 600RR use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Sport motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. On the downside, after riding it 8000kms in 4 months, is the wrist pain. But the Honda has significantly more mid range which makes it so much better as a road bike. But Honda haven’t done anything radical, choosing instead to rework the current CBR in to make it the very best on road and track. So tall blokes - forget it. Normally Honda is considered to be top quality and reliability. Its fast and if driven responsibly, its too much joy for the money. The CBR600RR is as rugged as a Tonka toy and built with the breathtaking precision of the finest Swiss watch. The power is exhilarating but always feels controllable and the bike remains easy to ride. Yes I did test drive them all. Luckily for us, this has been done without sacrificing any top-end power. Typical 600cc mill with corresponding sound and I like it for this. The fairing is very flimsy, with many silly clips, the paintwork is so thin, that any small chipping will remove the white paint work and leave a black mark. Both appeared in the late 80s, lost some fans in the 90s then came back sassy and sexy. Most of the weight has been lost from the new engine, followed by the frame, swingarm, cast wheels and exhaust. Honda CBR 600 RR 2007 Motorcycle Photos and Specs. Honda’s optional electronically-controlled Combined ABS system is a thing of genius. It also distributes the braking between front and rear calipers to give maximum stability in all conditions. I wasn't too sure if the extra grunt was noticeable but now the bike is run in, I would say yes, it has more mid range grunt but I was very impressed with the RR7 so this is even better. Comfortable riding position for a sports bike. In the slower corners the engine was happy to pull from 8000rpm all the way to the 15,500rpm rev limiter although I found gear changing was best done around 14,500. But I’m celebrating, because the with the new CBR, Honda is the first of the Big Four to give us a new generation 600 we don’t have to thrash to find road riding satisfaction. All in all not a lot of gizmos, just an honest bike that's lots of fun, Buying experience: Bought from Bob Minnion in Derby - really friendly and accommodating service and I would definately buy from them again. A mate recently lost over five stones and, apart from obvious benefits like seeing his feet, he says the best thing is how fast his bikes feel now. Reliable, well built and with slightly more space for taller riders. Honda UK will not help so my warranty is worth nothing. Stability in a straight line and through the corners is absolute, the suspension action and control is as fluid as pukka race kit and the standard model’s brakes are full of feel and power. My bike is fully standard except for bobbins i've fitted for the rear paddock stand. Very light so helps confidence when moving around on foot. Well financially probably not but the classy tricolour version I have is even more stunning than the blue and white version it replaced. IMHO, the shock spring is too soft as well. As you will no doubt know the changes are miminal with slightly re-designed lower fairing panels covering more of the engine, different indicators and more mid range grunt. honda cbr 600 rr (2007 - 2008) Segment: Sport / Super Sport Honda's CBR600RR, a super sport motorcycle created in 2007, could be seen in multiple colors, including white, black, blue and silver. I would say this bike is a better commuter than my previous ER6F with improved wind protection and greater manouverability, Have read the reviews saying the engine is unexciting to ride. I am gonna have to buy a new rear swing arm, very expensive. This followed on from a 600RR7 which was a superb machine to own. Bike is great as a commuter, mirrors are lower than a van but above a car's so filtering through traffic is a breeze. Everything hurt - ankles, back, wrists, neck. However using for commute, 21 miles each way 50/50 mix of motorway and getting a big fat smile on my face every day so happy to pay that little bit extra for the fun factor, There's no traction control or other electronic rider aids with the exception of ABS. I bought it real cheap with very low mileage so value was great. I can only say it's got smaller, so much so that for a tall lad over 6 foot after 10 mins I couldn't wait to get off. I think for 2009 model these should have been standard equipment. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of  and a maximum torque of  . Nice little bike, mind. Stock tire sizes are 120/70-ZR17 on the front, and 180/55-ZR17 on the rear. The parallels continue…. This was the first time that I had just updated to a newer model, usually I have a total change but the 600RR is such a great bike to ride, it's not often I don't have a smile on my face whilst I'm on it. The way it leans into bends is better than all the 2009 600's. They say a 2011 cbr600- has 100hp and 44lbs of torque. :-). One problem - it is pretty jerky on/off throttle, maybe light internals are the culprit, but it feels like there is too much engine braking. Great bike, 2011, clean, all black, pulls great, 7k rpms - to 13k is where it gets the most power.

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